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Paint Colors

Paint Colors

How Do I Choose the Right Paint Colors?

Choosing the right paint colors for your new metal building will have a lasting impact on your overall satisfaction with your building for years to come.  If your colors are too bold, then you may decide it’s too flashy.  If you try to match your existing house, you may be disappointed that the shades aren’t the same.  You may need to obtain approval from an HOA or building authority, and most importantly you need to choose something timeless that you will love for years to come.

Let Your Steel Building Site Dictate the Palette

First, consider the steel building location.  What is around it? Is it surrounded by trees, mountains, or fields? Perhaps it is near a group of houses or other metal buildings? Is it close to barns or other agricultural buildings? The location should be able to help you narrow your options. A building that is practically alone in nature lends itself to a neutral palette, or use colors that pull from the surroundings.  A southwest steel building will look lovely with warm colors, while the Colorado mountains look nice with greens and neutrals.  Red always stands out beautifully in the plains or the hills of New England.

Think About Your Neighbors

Is your metal building going to be in the same line of sight as your neighbors homes or outbuildings? These nearby buildings give you an excellent list of options to choose from.  You can pick and choose base color, roof color, and trim color so that your metal building complements the view but stands out by mixing and matching the various hues.

What Colors Are Your Current Buildings?

Are you building next to your home, shop, or business?  Do you want your new building to match? Chances are that if you select new building colors to match your home the shades will not be exactly the same.  You need to decide whether these shade differences will bother you, or if it’s more important to stay in the same color family.  If you do not want to deal with differences in shade, a great option would be to choose colors that look nice together and choose a trim for your new building that is similar to the paint color of your home.

Do You Have A Color Scheme You Love?

If you have a color scheme you already love, use it! If not, you can find inspiration using websites that feature images you can easily search like Pinterest or Google images.  Look for pictures of similar types of buildings, or even perform a search for palettes or color schemes.  You will be able to see what is trending, colors that are timeless, and beautiful options in between.

Respect The Rules

If you live in a subdivision or with a Homeowners Association, there may be strict rules about paint colors and shade options.  Be sure to check with your HOA to determine whether you need to seek approval before selecting your colors.  Our paint comes with a 40-year limited paint warranty, so you want to make the right choice before your building is manufactured. Once you place your order, your account manager will mail you a color chart that you can use to get the planning process started.

What About Functionality?

It is important to consider the way your paint color selections will affect your building.  Dark colors may give a dramatic look, but they also attract the heat.  We supply galvanized roof panels as standard because they reflect the sunlight and reduce heat absorption.  This will make your building more energy efficient.  Sometimes the look of a dark roof is worth the increased heating and cooling costs. So you should check with your account manager about the paint colors you are considering so you can ensure that you know how it will affect your project.

Enjoy Yourself!

Overall, choosing your colors is one of the most enjoyable parts of your new project.  The joy of ordering a custom building means that you get to decide how it will look. Design it so you love it, and enjoy it for years to come.  You will love the look of your Great Western Building for a lifetime.