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The Great West Family

It’s a family, really – the kind of family that disagrees, that has issues, there are even some crazy people involved – but that’s what makes a family a family.

At Great Western Buildings, we want to make sure you feel like part of our family.

One thing I’ve learned about the Steel Building business is the fact that it can be cut-throat – and I’ve never really understood why that is. When this company was started, it was founded by a CEO who wanted something in his company, and even in our youth, it’s been a labor of love for everyone. First of all, there is real family (the CEO, Eric and Nicole are married) – but there’s also the kind of kinship that comes from people who are willing to give you their time and effort, in the trenches – to build a business.

From the beginning, I was never under the impression that fortune would be achieved at the expense of integrity. Many of the staff comes from the same steel building company – We learned from each other, we experienced the same style of management; to say that we’re a motley bunch is an understatement.

But what we all have is a passion for customer service, a passion for steel buildings, a passion that comes from the top down. Unlike many families, we’re connected on an almost 24 hour basis. Well, what does that mean to you?

It means that every person works hard to give you their best. The sales people are trained to give you an initial first impression – the engineers want your building to look good – they make suggestions in ways to save money, they work hard to make sure that what you get is not only what you expected – it should exceed it.

The web designer is sending out emails at midnight, the graphic designer is illustrating more than one person is usually charged with – and the writer is busy making sure that what you read is not only imaginative but also engaging. You see, there is more to a steel building company than they guys who operate the CAD systems or the guys in the factory – we need the kind of people who consistently remind everyone else that you are a person, too. You are someone who we needs to cared about.

But, I’m not writing because I want to explain all the ‘touchy-feely’ parts of the business – this is a team of experts. We’re employing some of the most experienced people in the field. Out engineers and designers are skilled, trained, and they care. Our logisitics department understands your particular geography – our creative team is not only award winning, but it works hard to provide information without sounding stodgy. But the leadership – that sales director, the office management, all the way up to the CEO – this is for you.

You need to know that there isn’t hearty team like this one in any other company. When Eric started Great Western – he was adamant that his team be the A-Team – and he’s hand-picked everyone who works with him. There isn’t time for a hard sell – we don’t need to do that – we convince you what kind of building we think is best for you. If it’s not the building for you, we won’t sell it. This is not a sales tactic – this is real life – we don’t want you to spend thousands on something you’re going to hate, later.

So, let’s talk about the team – Karl is an experienced sales person who’s always wanted to work in this environment. Tim keeps out web presence active – he even identified a Chinese hacker – trying to penetrate our code. Travis makes our pages look good – working diligently to create a look. Roman is an award winning writer who never dangles a participle or splits an infinitive. Eric, the CEO, is not only AN expert on steel buildings, he’s THE expert. Ask him about a girt or purlin and he’s suddenly in his element. Nicole is Eric’s wife. I remember, once he said, “Listen, Nicole keeps me sane, she’s always done that,” and in this business, insanity can run rampant from being in leadership.

Some blog posts are meant to inspire, some meant to sell, and some are just to educate. This is your team. Your steel building seller, and hopefully, your family, too.