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Metal-Building Insulation

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Should you order metal building insulation?

When it comes to metal building insulation, our customers always want to know whether or not they should order insulation for their project.  It is a tough decision because insulation can be costly at the outset, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.  Overall, the answer is almost always a resounding YES.  Why is insulation so important for a metal building?

Insulation is almost always a must-have.

There are a number of reasons insulation is especially important for metal buildings.  First and foremost, without insulation metal buildings will accumulate condensation.  Second, any rain will echo so loudly that anyone inside the building will not be able to think, have a conversation, or do much else.  Finally, by ordering insulation you will gain long term cost savings in a heated or cooled building.

Vapor barriers in metal building insulation are extremely valuable.

The primary need for insulation in a metal building is the condensation.  Metal buildings sweat.  Whether you are storing tools, machinery, clothing, or other items they will become damp if you do not insulate the building.  Mildew, rust, mold and mustiness will ruin your property.  Closed buildings must have an insulation package, or at least a vapor barrier.

Three-inch or thicker insulation will dampen the sound of a rainstorm.

Does it ever rain at your building site? Rain echoes very loudly on the roof of any metal building if it lacks insulation.  The sound of rain is so deafening and makes it tough to be inside the building during a rainstorm.   Insulating the roof of your building immediately solves the issue of unwanted noise during a rainstorm.

Insulation provide efficient climate control in steel buildings.

Do you plan to heat or cool your metal building?  In this case, insulation is an absolute must.  The long term cost savings will pay back the cost investment of insulating your building.  Depending on your climate and temperature changes at your building site, your account manager at Great Western Buildings will help you determine an appropriately thick insulation package that will conserve heat or maintain your air conditioning as needed.

Insulation and installation are two costs to consider.

There are two important upfront costs of insulation to consider.  First, you must purchase the insulation package itself.  Second, if you are hiring someone to install your building it will cost more for them to put in the insulation.  Regardless, this up-front cost is much less expensive than adding the insulation layer.

It is far more expensive to add insulation later.

Sometimes, customers try to save money and buy metal building insulation years after they put up their building.  Unfortunately, this significantly increases the cost of insulating the building.  You will lose money heating and cooling the building until it is insulated, and most insulation packages require the building be partially disassembled for the insulation to be installed.  It costs extra for the building to be taken apart and put back together. Even more troublesome, the act of removing and replacing the panels puts you at risk for holes and leaks in your panels.  You must replace the screws in the exact same location of the panels or they will be compromised.

Insulation packages vary widely to meet any range of needs.

Insulation packages are as big or as small as needed.  For more temperate climates, a simple vapor barrier can protect you from condensation issues, although they will not do anything to help with the sound of rain.  Thicker insulation packages and high R-value insulation packages may be more appropriate if you are dealing with extreme temperatures.

It is rare that a metal building will not need insulation.

The only exception for the need of insulation is if you are keeping an open building (such as a roof only structure for hay storage).  In this case, the air passing through the space will prevent the accumulation of moisture, and most frequently no one will be occupying the space so a noisy rainstorm may not be an issue.

Insulation is an investment that will continue to bring you returns.

Overall, if you are considering insulating your metal building, your best option is to select an appropriate package for your project.  Your account manager will help you order the right package, and then you will install it when the building is erected.  At Great Western Building Systems, your account manager will work with you to find the best options.  They will ensure you choose an insulation package that works for your permitting, location, climate, and installation plans.  Although it requires more investment at the front end of your project, it will save you thousands in the years to come.  You will have better temperature control inside and the sweat prevention will protect your belongings.  Your building will be a quiet enjoyable space even during a big rainstorm.