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How to Quote a Steel Building

When people quote steel buildings, most people start without the background information they need.  Quotes take longer than necessary if they don’t submit all the proper information.  As an estimator, I can give you all the tips and tricks for getting a quote without a huge headache.

What size building do you need quoted?

To start out, you want to know what size you’re looking for. The dimensions are a crucial part of your building. There’s more that goes into it than just width, length, and height. You also need to know the pitch you want. We’re not talking about a pitch in baseball, we’re talking about the peak of your roof. The pitch is going to be the amount of feet that slope raises per every foot over. For example if you have a building with a 4:12 pitch it will go up 4 feet every 1 foot over. The higher you go on the pitch, the higher the peak of your building. Also, depending on the size of your building, a higher pitch in snowier areas can save you money.

Ask your building consultant on your quote if you are in an area with a high snow load. We can figure out which will be best for you. One other thing to look at will be your height. Remember that when you give us the height, your accounting for the interior framing that keeps your building stable. It only takes up about 2-4 feet, but if you need a specific interior clearance, let us know and we can accommodate to your needs. Dimensions are pretty easy right?

Where do you plan to build?

Next, provide us with your building location. We will not send any mail to that address, we need it to prepare your building for the area it will be in. Now, obviously there are times where you don’t have the land yet while you are inquiring about a quote. That is perfectly fine, but if you have the land we will ask you to provide us with the specific address. If you would rather us not have the address, please provide us with the cross-streets as close as possible to the land. The reason we ask for this information is because every city, county, and state have different building regulation codes to account for.

Each different area has a wind and snow load, and a seismic category load. Sometimes when it comes to those higher snow, or higher wind areas, we need that address. This is to determine what those loads are. When you don’t provide us with the information we will run your building with the highest ratings in that region. This could dramatically increase the price of your building. We want to keep the most money in your pocket and help you out, so providing us with that address will let you help yourself.

Do you want any accessories?

Now that you’ve provided us with the land’s address, you are probably looking at your building thinking there’s something off about it. It because you haven’t added your accessories on there. When you first talk with one of our building consultants, they will provide you with a brochure. It will contain all the steel building accessories you could think of. We will personalize your building to your specifications as much as we can. If the way you set up your building causes errors or the structure to fail we will have to change things minimally. We will always let you know what the reason is behind it, and tell you upfront if we are changing things. Accessories are always fun to dive into.

When do you plan to build?

Finally, one thing you should keep in the back of your mind is when you want to build. When people are ready to put down their deposit, many believe that that’s their last step before they receive their building. There’s a lot more that needs to be done. After you put down your deposit, the process takes on average 4 – 8 weeks. Depending on what time of year you place your deposit and how long you and your project manager work together, this process can vary greatly.

At Great Western, we provide you with a project manager who will help you with all the final details on your building. They’ll walk you through picking out your colors on the building, moving framed openings, and getting everything fabricated for you. After that it goes to get delivered. Four to eight weeks can seem like a decent amount of time to prepare. If you’re planning to build in the summer time and it is April or May, you need to put down your deposit right away.  This ensures you can build when you’re planning to. Summer season is one of our busiest seasons, and that can push your delivery time out. Tell your building consultant when you are looking to build. They will tell you honestly when you should put down your deposit to get the ball rolling for you.

Quotes are easy once you’re prepared!

Getting a quote on a steel building can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you aren’t aware of all of the information we will need off the bat. Now you know that we will need your dimensions, the address of where you are building, and your accessories. You also need to keep in mind when you are wanting to build. I hope you are a little less overwhelmed, and that we can help you get a quote on the perfect building for you.