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You want to buy a steel building, but how do you start?

Metal building purchases are relatively easy, but also overwhelming! Learn from the family at Great Western Steel Buildings to get started.


Determine the type of steel building you want.

First of all, decide what you want. Are you adding a workshop to your backyard? Creating a new energy efficient barndominium? Or do you hope to create a safe storage space for your farm equipment? Looking for an airplane hangar? Building a new church for your parishioners? Metal buildings are extremely versatile because they are designed to meet and exceed the needs of almost any project. The sky is the limit! Browse our website images for great steel building ideas.

Location location location.

Where do you plan to build? Steel buildings can be stand-alone structures, or can be added onto existing structures. Once you identify your location decide what size building will fit. In addition, determine whether your building will need to withstand windy conditions (is it coastal?) or high snow load (in the mountains?).

Calculate your budget.

Metal buildings are already a budget friendly option! Now that you know you are getting a great deal, make sure you know how much you can afford. If you know your budget ahead of time, you can work with the building consultants at Great Western Building Systems to obtain an affordable high quality metal building.

What size steel building to fulfill your needs?

First of all, for some it can be difficult to visualize the actual size of building you need. If you are unfamiliar with building measurements, learn the dimensions of buildings you know well like your home, your gym, your church, or the neighbor’s barn. Then decide the dimensions you want. Measure any equipment or vehicles you plan to store in the building and plan for openings or doors with sufficient clearance.

Obtain quotes.

Shop around. Some companies offer lower prices, but at what cost?  Ask for details. Will the building be red iron or galvanized? What kind of trim package are they quoting? Are walk doors, windows, and overhead doors included? Did they quote insulation? Will the quoted building withstand the special environmental needs of your location? Ask the right question to determine whether you are getting a great deal with an excellent warranty, rather than a cheap building that will not stand the test of time.

Great Western Building Systems includes a lifetime guarantee on every building we supply.  We guarantee our products because we’ve used our years of experience to supply the best.  Our buildings are pre-galvanized and engineered to meet or exceed the codes and loads you request. If you know which accessories you want included with your building, we will add them to your initial quote. Consequently if you wish to add them later, your account manager can work with you later during project planning to ensure you get everything you want.

Learn about company support structure.

How will each company help you get from purchase to end product? Will you have control over the delivery timeline? Make sure the company you choose has a plan to help you through the process, especially if this if your first time buying a metal building. You want to choose a team that advocates for you along the way, helps you meet your timeline, and provides guidance and experienced insight as you make important decisions. At Great Western Building Systems we provide each customer an Account Manager on the first day. Your account manager guides you through every step from permit drawings to engineering, design changes, delivery schedules, and more. In conclusion this support is extremely valuable to ensure our customers get the building they want when they want it.

Choose to go with the best.

Prepare to pay your deposit to begin the detailing and engineering process. Deposit amounts can vary. At Great Western Steel your building consultant will work with you to determine the appropriate deposit.  As soon as you sign your contract and pay the engineering deposit, your personal account manager will contact you to get started!