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The Builder Network - Find Metal Building Erectors and Contractors

The GWB Builder Network

Coming Q3 2020

In the very near future, Great Western Building Systems will be launching The Builder Network - an online platform designed from the ground up to remove all the headaches of finding skilled, trustworthy labor for metal building projects.

Combining our industry leading technological expertise with a stringent vetting process, we aim to simplify the process of finding and hiring contractors. Through Great Western’s Builder Network,you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently request quotes from a variety of industry professionals.

We invite you to check back with this page frequently for updates and more information.

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Contractor Network FAQs

What kind of PEMB professionals will I be able to find?

  • Steel Erectors
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Grading and Dirt Work
  • General Contractors
  • Civil and Structural Engineers
  • Architects
  • Project Management

How is Great Western ensuring that the professionals listed on the Builder Network are trustworthy?

We are conducting in depth background checks on both the company and it’s primary officer. Some examples of the criteria we are reviewing are as follows:

  • State Business License Verification
  • Contractor License and Mandated Liability Insurance Policy Verification
  • Civil Record Search (10 Years)
  • Federal Court Pacer System Civil Record Search (10 Years)
  • CSI National Judgement, Lien and Bankruptcy Database Search (10 Years)
  • Regional News Article Media Search and Review (10 Years)

  • Social Security Number Trace and Validation
  • Felony/Misdemeanor Conviction Search (10 Years)
  • Civil Record Search at County (10 Years)
  • CSI National CrimeSweep Criminal Record Database Search (10 Years)
  • CSI National Judgement, Lien, Bankruptcy Database Search (10 Years)

On top of the background check and corporate screenings, we conduct interviews with past clients, and review the quality of past projects.

You can rest assured that Great Western has done our due diligence with any contractor listed.

Will it cost me money to find metal building contractors on the Builder Network?

Absolutely not. Though to be clear, if you hire one of these contractors for your steel building project, they will expect to be paid.

What if I’ve bought a building system from a company other than Great Western? Can I still use the Builder Network to find qualified contractors?

You sure can. In fact, we implore of you to do so. Finding qualified, trustworthy contractors can be difficult. Our aim with the Builder Network is to make it as easy as possible for you, the consumer, to complete your project, no matter who you’ve purchased your building from.

What if I have a project that doesn’t involve metal buildings at all, is the Builder Network a good place for me to find a contractor?

It is! And we welcome you to use the platform to do so.

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