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Eric Beavers
President and Founder

One of the reasons I started Great Western is that I wanted a steel building company that was focused on our customers rather than the bottom line. Because of that, I’ve insisted on a corporate culture where everyone on this team is aware that including you in the process at every step isn’t just encouraged, it’s required. Our process begins with giving you design control. The engineers, designers, and detailers at Great Western work for you – and while they will offer creative solutions for your steel building including wall finishes, colors, and roofs – the final decision on what you want is yours.

Most steel building companies rush you and rush your order to delivery so they can collect the amount due as quickly as possible. While we can certainly rush a job, that isn’t how we prefer to take care of you. We understand that a steel building is going to be around for decades or longer – so if it takes a few extra weeks to get it right, we’re going to ask you to be patient with us. We want to make sure you’re not rushed and the process isn’t rushed. This ensures your satisfaction for the long term.


Once you’ve purchased your building, we immediately start the design and engineering process. Because our engineers are in-house, we’re able to reduce the time you have to wait to receive your approval drawings. These drawings are provided to you so you can approve or request changes. You, your HOA, the county, boards of directors, business owners, and even your spouse can throw you a curveball. Rather than having to deal with these curve balls on-site, it’s exponentially easier to deal with them on a drawing.


Once you and all your stakeholders have approved the drawings, our team jumps on your construction set of drawings. These drawings are wet-sealed by our engineers, each of whom is certified in your state. You’ll need these sealed drawings to start the permit process – and you can feel confident that because of the extensive training of our engineering team, the likelihood that the drawings won’t pass permits or codes is almost non-existent.


With these drawings, you’ll also get a release to sign. Once you sign the release, that’s when the exciting part starts to happen! Your steel building begins to take shape – physically – in the fabrication facility and we start talking to you about when and how you can take delivery of your steel building – the one you helped design, the one you’ve been wanting, needing, or hoping for.

We love this part of the process, too! It means that we’re moving along toward satisfying yet another customer!


Once you take delivery of the building we won’t wash our hands of you. If you have questions during the erection process if you need advice or simply reassurance that you can handle the construction and erection, we’re here to help you out. You might have maintenance questions a year or two after your building is completed – we don’t want you to hesitate to call us.
You’re not just a customer, you’re a partner for the life of your building.

The whole process moves at your pace.

If you need something quickly – we can get it to you quickly. But if you want time to consider your options, choose the right accessories, wait for the weather to agree with you, or get the final ‘go ahead’ from your wife – we’ll patiently work within your timeline.

Why do we do it this way?
Simply put, it’s to protect you. As I said, it’s monumentally easier to change a set of drawings than it is to make a structural change to a building on site – it’s also monumentally less expensive!

So call us today and speak to a Great Western consultant; see first-hand how our process is unique. I promise it won’t be a hard sell, I promise you that you’ll see the Great Western difference, right from the start, and most of all, I promise you that we’re going to work hard to make sure you get exactly what you imagine – or something even better. You may not be our only customer, but I bet you’ll feel like you are!