This 60' X 110' building was provided by Great Western to Carl in Kanorado, Kansas. 

Carl grows corn, wheat, and milo on his high plains farm in Kanorado KS. He needed a building that would keep his tractors, harvesters, and other equipment out of the elements. Carl liked, and ultimately moved forward with the idea of having large, 30' wide sliding doors on his building. We usually try to steer our customers away from sliding doors, but for Carl's building, they worked well and they made sense. They saved him a little money and allowed him to build a slightly larger building than he was first considering.

Like most of our customers, Carl had a budget. He also had requirements. He needed a building that would stand the tests of time, yet also, a building affordable enough to make sense This is what Great Western specializes in.

Carl's project was a pleasure to be a part of, and we look forward to hearing from him the next time he needs space.

Building Specifics:

Footprint - 60' X 110' 

Eave Height - 17' 

Roof Pitch - 1:12

Snow Load - 30 PSF

Wall Color - Charcoal Gray

Roof Color - AZ55 Galvalume/Plain

Trim Colors - Ash Gray

Accessories - 30' X 14' Split Slider Doors and (2) Personnel Doors

Carl will finish half of his building with a 6" concrete floor and a partition wall from Great Western to split his building into 2 sections. The main section will be for the maintenance of his machines and the other will be for storage. Carl and his builders did a fabulous job and the building looks fantastic. 


Location: Kanorado 67741
Category: Agricultural
Date: 2020
Dimensions: 60' x 110' x 16'

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