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Kenny was able to work with Great Western and design the building exactly to the needs of himself and his clients. Kenny was also able to act as his own General Contractor which saved many thousands of dollars. Additionally, he was able to put most of the building after things didn’t work out with the erector originally hired for the work. Kenny described the building system as easy and straightforward to erect. Great Western’s 24/7 construction support line was available during construction and is available to all Great Western customers. The president and founder of Great Western, Eric Beavers, even went out of his way to go up to the jobsite for a visit and provide some assistance with the construction. 

Building Specifics:

Building Specifics:

Footprint – 50′ X 216′ 

Eave Height – 19′ 

Roof Pitch – 3:12

Snow Load – 57 PSF

Wall Color – Ash Gray

Roof Color – Plain/Galvalume

Trim Colors – Charcoal Gray

Insulation – High R-Value Roof and Wall Systems W/ Liner

Accessories – 14′ X 16′ High R-Value Garage Doors, Insulated Commercial 3070 Personnel Doors

Kenny’s building is completely sold out and he is moving on to an additional phase of his project. We look forward to seeing the new building get underway. We love seeing our buildings help bring success on any level but this one is particularly satisfying.