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Great Western Building Systems Customer Describes his 45′ x 36′ x 18′ Barn with Monitor Roof. It is 45′ wide x 36′ long x 18′ high plus an additional 3′ for the monitor roof. The roof pitch is 2:12. The building includes one 3′ x 7′ Personnel Door, one 16′ x 14′ Insulated Overhead Door, and one 10′ x 12′ Insluated Overhead Door. 

The roof color is Crimson Red, the walls Polar White, and the trim is Crimson Red and Polar White. It includes gutters and downspouts as well as 3′ x 8′ Horse Stall Openings and 4′ x 4′ Hay Door Openings. It is insulated with R-10 compression insulation throughout.