Discover what sets Great Western apart.

When some people imagine a steel building, they immediately think of a plain, boxy warehouse-looking structure or a WWII Quonset Hut. Not so! With the latest technology and an eye for aesthetics, the engineers at Great Western produce some of the most eye-catching and appealing steel buildings in the industry.



A Quality Steel Building Begins with the Creativity and Skill of Experienced Engineers

It’s the part of the process that most customers don’t get to see, but it’s the part of the process that’s most important – Engineering. At Great Western, we don’t ask that our engineers simply understand the basics of construction and building – we require that they take ownership and provide creative solutions to make your steel building sturdy, easy to erect, and most important to you, it has to look good.

The advantage of using Great Western for your steel building is that our engineering is provided through employees of the company and is never outsourced or brokered. This not only means that you can expect a drastically reduced wait time for stamped engineering drawings, it means that you have access to the designer should you encounter questions during the erection process. These two benefits, alone, are reasons enough to choose Great Western.

“Our engineering team is authorized to stamp structural plans in all 50 states. The breadth of their experience is second to none.

-Eric Beavers, Founder – Great Western Steel Building Systems