Durable, Long lasting and tough structural framing fortifies your confidence in a Great Western Metal Building

No two steel buildings are alike, and they can’t be engineered with a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter template. Great Western custom designs every steel building to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers consider serviceability, load conditions, geographical locations, even aesthetics and of course, building use before we even put the cursor on the state-of-the-art computer screen. We employ the latest advanced engineering and drafting programs to design and detail each Great Western steel building, one by one, individually.

Benefits of Choosing Great Western’s Quality Primary

  • Built stronger and heavier for enhanced longevity
  • Designed to be erected faster and easier
  • Primed to expose problem areas, not conceal them
  • 100% Fabricated in the U.S.A.
  • Attractive gray primer looks great and lasts longer
  • LIFETIME Workmanship Guarantee

The Great Western primary structural framing system covers the structural steel members used as rafters, columns, interior columns, moment/portal frames, and more. These framing members are built with 100% U.S. Steel and are 3-Plate welded sections, WF mill-beams (I-Beams), hot rolled cee channels, structural angle iron and bar stock for connection plates and clips. All welds are made using the latest techniques and practices in compliance with the 2015 American Welding Society D1.1 and D1.3 Codes.

Coming with a lifetime warranty for workmanship and quality, the framing system of your Great Western steel building is designed and built with quality, longevity and ease of erection as our primary consideration. We want to give you quality and structural integrity, not headaches and sub-par craftsmanship.

The standard structural shop coating is a dark gray oxide (battleship gray) primer applied to minimum 1 mil dry thickness. This primer not only looks great when combined with the galvanized secondary structural system it helps to bring attention to any frame members that may need maintenance as the building ages. Unlike the industry typical red primer, which conceals rust spots and problem areas, Great Western’s battleship gray highlights them. Any surface rust or aging primer will be easy to detect and can be easily remedied before it becomes a warranty ending structural problem – or worse – a failure of the structural system.

  • Steel Source:100% U.S. Steel
  • Welding Techniques:AWS D1.1 & D1.3
  • Grades:ASTM A529 grade 50 or higher
  • Yield Strength:50 ksi or higher
  • ICS Code:77.140.10
  • Hole Tolerance:1/16th”
  • Length Tolerance:1/8″
  • Twist Tolerance:1/8th”


100% USA Made! Our steel buildings are manufactured using the latest technologies available. Built to exacting standards to ensure a seamless build.

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We offer multiple shipping options to get your steel building and components delivered affordably and to your jobsite. We also offer container service for overseas shipments.

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