Top Off Your Metal Building with the Right Roof System

We call it a Roof System because it’s something that operates, like a system should. At Great Western, we simplify the roof system for you to create a weather resistant, easy to install, and customizable roof.

Whether you opt for the simplicity of a steel roof or want something more such as wood shake or tile, our engineers have the experience to ensure you get what you’re expecting. The pitch (angle) of the roof, the color, finish, or even the material, our experienced team can help you put the top of your steel building, well, over the top!

Most important, you’ve got to keep the water out. You want a seamless roof that’s going to keep your interior protected from the elements. But that isn’t all you need to consider for your roof. Pitch is critical, especially in regions which might have snow or heavy rains – these roofs might also have specific load or wind requirements. There’s the aesthetic component of your roof – you don’t want your steel building to look like a boxy bunker when all your neighbors or other buildings on your property have attractive steep pitched roofs.

Let’s consider materials. If you want a weighty finish like shake shingles, asphalt or ceramic tile, or something else, you’re going to need the right kind of engineering to handle the additional weight. Maybe you want solar panel or need a curb for air handling units? And of course, the reason you chose a steel building is the ease of installation – you don’t want the roof to be more complicated than the foundation; your building should get easier to erect as you build up, not more complicated.

Why trust the most important functional part of your building to anyone else? With decades of experience, we at Great Western know that the roof system needs to work.

The Benefits of a Great Western Roof are Numerous:

  • Ease of installation
  • Variety of pitches, colors, and finishes
  • Customizable for ancillary additions such as skylights and Cupolas
  • Weather-proof and guaranteed for FOUR DECADES!
  • Sealed, galvanized, and weather resistant


Through Fastener PBR Roof System

The Industry Standard

On a Great Western steel building this panel is typically applied directly over the purlins with a thermal break or insulation between the two. We provide a full 1” mastic tape for all panel laps and self-drilling long-life fasteners with a pre-assembled neoprene washer. Combining these two products create a finished roof system for your steel building that offers superior weather tightness, simple installation and great aesthetics.

PBR Panel Features
  • 36” Coverage
  • 40-year paint warranty available
  • Energy efficient coatings
  • Straightforward installation
  • 1” Mastic and Long Life Fasteners

The PBR panel itself is a structural, through fastener panel that contributes to the diaphragm of the building wall or roof adding rigidity to the building. This panel, in its standard profile, is an exposed fastener wall or roof panel. The PBR panel can also be reverse-rolled and installed in a semi-concealed fastener configuration. Available in rust resistant galvalume by standard or many other colors., 29, 26 (standard), 24 and 22-gauge PBR roof and wall panels come with great warranties including a 40-year SMP paint warranty directly from Velspar®.

(P)urlin (B)earing (R)ib are named for the panel’s design at the laps. The (R) also signifies the exact shape of the panel. This extra leg prevents the bottom panel from being pushed down by the stitch screw. The extra leg helps prevent water egress and better seal at the lap. Great Western offers other panel profiles with this feature like the PBU and the PBA, however these profiles are not typically used as roof panels.

PBR Panel Specs

Thickness: 26 Gauge or 24 Gauge

Coverage Width: 36″

Rib Height: 1 .25″

Rib Spacing: 12″ On Center

Rust Proection: Galvalume AZ50 or AZ55

Tensile Strength: 80,000 PSI or higher

Diaphragm Shear: ASTM-E455

Water Leakage: ASTM-E1646

Wind Uplift Resistance: UL580

Impact Resistance: Ul2218

Fire Resistance: UL790 Class A


24” SSR Panel Specs

Thickness: 24 Gauge

Coverage Width: 24″

Rib Height: 3″

Rib Spacing: 12″ On Center

Rust Proection: Galvalume AZ50 or AZ55

Tensile Strength: 50,000 PSI or higher

Water Leakage: ASTM-1646-95

Wind Uplift Resistance: UL580 Class 90

Impact Resistance: UL2218 Class 4

Fire Resistance: UL263 Class A

Air Filtration: ASTM 1646-95

24” Trapezoidal Standing Seam Roof

Great Western’s trapezoidal standing seam roof (SSR) system is the ideal roof product for low pitch and long slope roofs. This is a floating roof system that allows for thermal expansion during temperature changes and is designed for weatherability. The seams are 3” above the pan and well above any water level which allows for the design of roof slopes as low as 1/4 on 12”.

24″ SSR Roof Panel Features
  • Pre-Applied lap sealants
  • Premium powder coated closures
  • Easily complies with the latest IECC energy codes and regs
  • 24” Standard Coverage, 12” and 18” available
  • Best standard warranties available

The 24” SSR panel is available for snap-together or a mechanically seamed installation. The snap together version of this panel is recommended for commercial and industrial buildings in non-high wind areas and for roof slopes shorter than 75 feet. The triple or quad lock mechanically seamed panel is certified UL-90 and is recommended for high wind areas, and long span roofs.

Available in bare AZ-55 Galvalume as a standard or with Kynar®/Fluropon® paint over a galvalume substrate the roof system comes in 24-gauge standard. 5, 10 and 20 Year weather tightness warranties are available dependent upon the application and design. Rust through perforation warranties and up to 40-year paint warranties are standard.


16” Architectural Standing Seam Roof

The short, vertical leg and flat pan features of the 16” SSR panel is preferred by architects and building owners alike for its superior appearance and performance. Like most standing seam roof systems, this panel is applied directly over the roof purlins and fastened to the roof with a clip at the seam. The architectural nature of this system has the features required for complex roofs with valleys and hips.

16″ SSR Roof Panel Features
  • Pre-Applied lap sealants
  • Premium powder coated closures
  • Numerous UL and ASTM certifications
  • Easily complies with the latest IECC energy codes and regulations
  • Ultra-High Strength when mechanically seamed
  • Best standard warranties available

As with the other standing seam roof systems offered by Great Western this product allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the roof and is available in a snap-together or mechanically seamed configuration.

Available in bare AZ-55 Galvalume or, more commonly, with Kynar®/Fluropon® paint over a galvalume substrate the roof system comes in 24-gauge standard. 5, 10 and 20 Year weather tightness warranties are available dependent upon the application and design. Rust through perforation warranties and up to 40-year paint warranties are standard.

16″ SSR Panel Specs

Thickness: 24 Gauge

Coverage Width: 16″

Seam Height: 2″

Rust Protection: Galvalume AZ50 or AZ55

Tensile Strength: 50,000 PSI or higher

Water Leakage: ASTM-1592

Wind Uplift Resistance: UL580

Impact Resistance: Ul2218

Fire Resistance: UL790

Air Filtration: ASTM E1680


Insulated Metal Roof Panels

Utility and Energy Efficiency

Through our various vendor partners, Great Western offers a large variety of insulated metal roof panels. Available as through fastener and as standing seam roof systems these products are at the forefront of building envelope technologies. As energy efficiency codes become more and more stringent, these panels have proven themselves to provide superior thermal performance and insulating capabilities.

Insulated Panels Features
  • 26 or 24 gauge exterior and interior steel
  • SMP or Kynar®/Fluropon® Paint
  • Paint and Weathertightness warranties available as standard
  • Easily meets the latest energy codes nationwide
  • Smooth and embossed textures available
  • Flat and Ribbed panel profiles available
  • Faster installation and reduced erection costs

Insulated metal roof panels are available in thicknesses ranging from 1.5” to 8” and provide an R-Value of nearly R-8 per inch. For applications requiring fire resistance ratings, Great Western has insulated panels available with up to a 3-hour fire wall rating.

Perhaps the greatest overall value of insulated metal roof panels is to the contractor installing the panels in the field. Insulated panels install much faster than more traditional steel building roof systems with fiberglass insulation. With insulated metal roof panels the insulation, panel and sealants are applied in a single process, saving up to 50% of the time required to install.

Other Great Western Roof Options

Cupolas and Skylights

Make Your Building Look Great. Dress up your metal building with some optional elements that enhance the beauty of your finished product. Cupolas and Skylights can be added to your roof system for both function and aesthetics. Skylights might be added – and if you have a commercial building or one that needs additional ventilation to avoid humidity or even odor, consider adding vents to direct rising hot or stale air away from your interior.

Eave Design

An Important Feature Often Overlooked. With a Great Western Roof System, you can expect complete protection from the elements. Our eaves are oversized; rubberized foam closure strips fill in the gaps. Like the walls, mastic tape creates a snug fit. Because our mastic sealant is full inch wide, you can be assured that your screws won’t miss the sealant, thus preventing water and air from penetrating your interior. The last thing you want is melting snow, rain, or humidity to penetrate the eaves and soak your interior ceiling, the electrical lighting, or top-side insulation.

Metal Roof Paint Options

Sustainable and Strong, No Matter What Color You Choose, You Know It’s Green. In the states which allow it, metal roofs are an excellent source for rainwater retention. The durability of the purlins and the material used in each roof panel adds strength for anyone who wants to ‘Go Green’ and add solar panels, solar laminates, or solar crystalline products. The strength of 26 Gauge durable, American steel, means that the added weight of ‘Going Green.’ Can be easily accommodated. In many areas, metal roofs also give you LEED points and the spectrum of colors offered by Great Western have been approved through Energy Star.

Gutters and Downspounds

Superior Roof Drainage. The water has to go somewhere! You need to drain the roof and you’re going to want to prevent dripping on every side of the building. The solution? The most efficient gutters and drains available. We’ll customize your drainage to avoid water from compromising your foundation, ruining concrete work or gravel driveways, or freezing over from puddles on walkways.

Premium Sculptured Trim System

Enhanced Aesthetics and Rigidity. With an assortment of Trim colors, we can add the design elements you might not realize are so critical to an attractive building. Because our trims are engineered, designed and manufactured at the same time as the rest of your building, you can feel confident that they’re going to fit snugly and you won’t have to deal with costly or annoying adjustments on-site.

Ridge Caps

Crown Your Acheivement. And of course, the most important abutment in the roof is the ridge cap, at the top of the pitch. Your roof will have a weather tight seal for all materials on all pitches, providing protection from weather, insects, and birds. These die-formed caps join the roof panels together and add the final, crowning, touch, to an already beautiful and high quality steel structure.


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