Home to the nation’s capital, as well as Philadelphia – the birthplace of America, the smokey mountains to the Piedmont, the Mid-Atlantic is true Americana. Add to the history with a Great Western Steel building.

Vanderbilt built sprawling stone estates in North Carolina, Lafayette laid out the marble palaces in our nation’s capital. Liberty Hall in Philadelphia nearly bankrupted our young republic and the Pennsylvania Dutch still meet for barn raisings. That’s all fine – but you don’t need an estate, a marble palace, and you can’t barbeque enough hamburgers for a barn raise, and who wants wood anyway – so what’s your solution?

A Great Western steel building, of course. The harsh winters George Washington and his men spent at Valley Forge aren’t a thing of the past. The Mid-Atlantic is snow packed and icy in the winter, and a hurricane destination in the spring and summer. Fall brings wet sweeping winds from the Gulf Stream and all this might take a toll on your building – unless, that is, you have a Great Western steel building.

What’s the one-stop solution? A Carolina Metal Building Kit shortens erection time and helps you avoid issues on site.

The engineers at Great Western have an intimate understanding of wind loads, foundation requirements, moisture issues and even the delivery and storage challenges Mid-Atlantic residents might face during the erection process.

  • Any size, any shape, any span, any height; we design the interior rigid frame to handle whatever you need – from your North Carolina beach workshop to a multi-acre clear span West Virginia mining facility
  • Assortment of color combinations to match your current property structures or surrounding Association codes
  • Several finishes to add the aesthetic elements you want – it’s gotta look sharp!
  • Agriculture, industrial, utilitarian, or recreation, there’s no project we can’t handle

“Our engineering team is authorized to stamp structural plans in all 50 states. The breadth of their experience is second to none.” -Eric Beavers, Founder – Great Western Steel Building Systems

  • We adhere to the most current IBC standards for the Mid-Atlantic Region
  • We work with you to find the right roof pitch, wind load, and even color
  • Easy to read and detailed erection guides
  • Large scale commercial buildings, farming and ranching, and even a backyard workshop – We’ve got you covered.

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