Designing steel buildings for the West Coast is designing for a series of extremes

From the challenging mountains of Northern California, to the tropically coastal regions, to the hottest desert on the planet, the engineers at Great Western have the solution.

The American West is both scenic and diverse. The Pacific Ocean creates a beautiful backdrop to terrain that’s always been an adventurous challenge to the people who call it home.

Whether you’re looking for a place to store wine in Napa, a durable shelter to withstand the unforgiving Death Valley sun, or simply a place to tinker on your classic cars in San Diego, the fact is – the easiest, most affordable, and durable solution is a Great Western steel building.

When you live in a place that’s so scenic, you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on construction. The convenience of a California Steel Building Kit shortens erection time and helps you avoid issues on site. Your time is valuable, don’t spend it on costly and time consuming design and erection.

The engineers at Great Western have an intimate understanding of wind loads, snow loads, moisture issues and even the delivery and storage challenges Westerners might face during the erection process.

  • Assortment of color combinations to match your current property structures or surrounding Association codes
  • Several finishes to add the aesthetic elements you want – it’s gotta look sharp!
  • Any size, any shape, any span, any height; we design the interior rigid frame to handle whatever you need – from a Lake Tahoe recreation overhang to a large Port of Los Angeles warehouse
  • Agriculture, industrial, utilitarian, or recreation, there’s no project we can’t handle

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At Great Western, we don't settle. We don't expect our customers to either. That's why our buildings are precision engineered for a lifetime of value.


Mistakes cost money. This is why every connection, every hole, is inspected three times over. By the detailer, the supervisor and finally the engineer.

The GWB Difference

At Great Western, we expect our engineers to take on an active role in every project. Your Great Western is engineered by professional, not a program.

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