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Warehouses are the vital link between suppliers and customers – why trust your assets to a building that isn’t engineered to protect your valuable commodities?

Great Western steel warehouse buildings are the ultimate versatile warehouse solution. With clear spans of over 200 feet available and virtually unlimited length, our buildings provide massive usable inside space thanks to a lack of internal columns or load-bearing walls. Whether you’re looking to build a standalone warehouse or want to fill out the space with manufacturing, storage, offices, and more, a steel building from Great Western is customizable to support your business no matter the scale of your operations.

A metal warehouse building from Great Western is an outstanding solution for industrial storage, oversized item warehousing, retail goods storage, and packaging and shipping spaces. Our team can also design your building to support specialized warehousing use cases like refrigerated storage and toxic or dangerous chemical storage. Our designers can implement oversized doors for trucks or machinery, additional roof structure support for industrial cranes, and even mezzanines to maximize your usable space. 


Why Choose A Great Western Steel Building? 

Generally speaking, choosing a steel building is more cost-effective than a traditional wooden structure. Of course, material costs fluctuate regularly. So, depending on your project size and time frame, a metal building may be very similar in price to a traditional structure in materials. However, the most substantial benefits of choosing a metal building extend far beyond the initial cost. Great Western prides itself on designing and engineering buildings that are durable and simple to erect. Our buildings are precision-engineered for a perfect fit that minimizes both time at the job site and material waste. We provide our customers with an industry-leading erection manual that is both in-depth and comprehensive. Whether you plan to erect the building yourself or hire someone else, the process is efficient and far less time-consuming than traditional construction. 

Steel buildings are inherently more durable than wooden structures and require little to no maintenance. In addition, our designers are intimately familiar with designing to meet International Building Code (IBC) requirements. So, if you’re in an area that faces extreme weather conditions such as excessive snowfall, high winds, or seismic activity; you can rest assured that your Great Western building will be designed to last a lifetime. In addition, with our shipping partners throughout the nation, we’ll work to ensure your building gets delivered on time and within your budget. 

We don’t just believe in our product; we stand behind it with a lifetime structural warranty. In addition, we offer a 24/7 customer support hotline for every building we manufacture and deliver. Buying a building from Great Western gets you much more than your ideal building; it comes with peace of mind knowing that we’re here for you throughout the entire design, delivery, and erection process.

How Much Is a Metal Warehouse Building From GWB?

Typically, the starting price range for a steel building from Great Western is $15 to $20 per square foot. Of course, the amount of material used ultimately determines the overall cost. So, factors like building height, additional materials needed for reinforcement due to climate factors, or design choices (like crane supports, a mezzanine, or other additions) will increase the price. 

If you’re ready, you can use our 3D Building Designer to begin the estimate process. The designer allows you to customize a basic building design to your tastes and needs and visualize your future building. Once your preliminary design is done, simply submit the design to our team for a free quote. Please contact us directly if you’re unsure of your sizing needs or other elements. Providing our team with your operational needs, location, special requests, and budget gives us the parameters we need to design your perfect building. From there, we’ll put together a more finalized design and provide you with a free quote for the price of your specific project.

Trust Great Western to build the exceptional steel building you need for your warehouse.

100 x 100 Gable

100 x 100 Gable

80 x 100 Western

Why Choose Great Western?

The cost to erect a warehouse can be considerable, so your choice of construction and materials is a critical decision. When you choose a Great Western warehouse, you can be assured that the building will be completely erect in a fraction of the time that outdated, traditional construction methods might take – and the pre-fabricated warehouse building kits will be delivered to your jobsite, ready to be assembled – they’ll not only look good, but they’re guaranteed to last.

With Great Western’s easy to read erection manuals and 24/7 support line, you can feel comfortable that you’re not getting yourself into something you can’t handle. Our team not only sells and designs pre-fabricated steel buildings, but we also build them! Your sales team’s been in the field, they’ve been in the fabrication facilities, and they know, first hand, what to expect during the erection process.

Not only can you expect a precision crafted steel building kit to arrive on time, but you can expect support through the entire erection process. It’s not just the quality of what we deliver that makes us exceptional, it’s the quality of design. Great Western’s engineers have an intimate understanding of the unique needs of every type of warehouse use.

Design Your Custom Building

Great Western’s custom design tool allows you to design, customize, and price the best metal building for your needs. You can also share and print your designs or save them and modify them later.