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Great Western covers the entire United States, Canada and the Caribbean. We have the capabilities to ship globally. Our design team has decades of experience in every region of the country.

Great Lakes

If you live there, you know it – the winters are brutal! The icy cold wind screaming across over-sized lakes hits you like a blanket of frozen bullets. The summers are so humid from the amount of water in the area that you feel you might suffocate. Rust is the most noticeable element.

Gulf Coast

The Mississippi Delta is a wonderland of wildlife and soggy land. From southern Texas to the tip of southern Florida, the Gulf Coast has had its share of devastating hurricanes. It’s a historic place, but not always a kind one – weather-wise.

Mid Atlantic

A Great Western steel building, of course. The harsh winters George Washington and his men spent at Valley Forge aren’t a thing of the past. The Mid-Atlantic is snow packed and icy in the winter, and a hurricane destination in the spring and summer. Fall brings wet sweeping winds from the Gulf Stream and all this might take a toll on your building – unless, that is, you have a Great Western steel building.


Since the days the pioneers first crossed the Great Plains, the Midwest has proved to be a challenge to builders, farmers, and even city dwellers. The engineers at Great Western understand the unique climate and landscape of the region. Whether you need a barn for livestock, a hangar for your crop duster, or just a workshop to maintain your equipment, Great Western has the solution.

New England

There are conditions when building in Maine that you have to consider. For instance, there’s only certain times of the year that a tractor trailer can deliver a building because of asphalt conditions. It’s not something every steel building company knows about. But we do.

Pacific Northwest

From the Peugeot Sound to the rocky shores of Oregon; the imposing mountains of eastern Washington to the farms of Northern Idaho, America’s Northwest has some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. And some of the dampest. Water is both the draw and the drawback to the region – believe it or not, the easiest, most affordable, and durable solution is a rust proof, easy to erect, galvanized, steel building.


When Ponce De Leon first landed on the coast of eastern Florida, and when James Ogelthorpe founded the Georgia colony a century later, the two found several things in common – an unforgiving humidity and the possibility of fast moving hurricanes and relentless cloud bursts. Not much has changed today. A traditional brick and mortar building might withstand the elements, but at what cost? A more affordable solution? A Great Western steel building.


High temperatures by day, frigid temperatures by night. Arizona, Southern Nevada, New Mexico are known throughout the world for their scenic desert landscapes. But scenery isn’t all they’re known for – the unforgiving south western sun; that heat, the stagnant air, and the possibility of flash floods. Super-hot by day, dropping as much as 60 degrees at night, it takes a special kind of structure to withstand those kinds of extremes in a 24 hour period.

West Coast

From the challenging mountains of Northern California, to the tropically coastal regions, to the hottest desert on the planet, the engineers at Great Western have the solution. The American West is both scenic and diverse. The Pacific Ocean creates a beautiful backdrop to terrain that’s always been an adventurous challenge to the people who call it home.