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Illinois Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Illinois

Located in the American Midwest is the state of Illinois. The northern part of the state is located right along Lake Michigan, while the southern part extends down to Missouri and Kentucky. Prairies, pastures, forests, agricultural lands and wetlands all contribute to the topography of the state, including the very urban areas like Chicago. The entire state sees a relative amount of humidity, but is much higher in the southern portion. As far as rainfall amounts, the south sees more rain than the north, but the north sees more snow than the south. Illinois does see its share of snow and ice storms and can be brutally cold in the winter. Temperatures do fluctuate throughout the year, and summers can bring record-breaking heat. 

No matter what part of the state you live in, you will see some type of precipitation and humidity throughout the year. In addition, you can experience the extreme cold or heat, depending on the season. When erecting a steel building in Illinois, you will want to keep all of that information in mind. Making sure that your building is as rust-proof as possible will help with the humidity and precipitation that you will encounter. Although Illinois doesn’t see an extreme amount of snow, you will still need to follow local building codes for snow and wind loads, to be prepared for those intense occasional snow and ice storms. Having proper insulation in your building will also help protect from the extreme highs and lows that the state may experience, while keeping your building as efficient as possible. 

At Great Western Buildings, we provide all of these customizable options and more. All buildings are custom made and designed to be erected faster than our competitors. As a standard, we use G90 galvanized steel on all of our buildings. This helps prevent any rust that may form on your building, when located in highly humid locations. You will also need to follow your local building codes for snow and wind loads. These are always the minimum requirement for your location, but you are always welcome to go higher than that if needed. In order to keep your building properly insulated, we offer different insulation packages, ranging from R10 to R49. This will also have a minimum requirement for your exact location, but you can always insulate more than required, in order to protect against the varying temperatures throughout the year.