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Indiana Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Indiana

Situated in the midwest between Illinois and Ohio is Indiana. Michigan and Lake Michigan also border the state to the north. Indiana mostly consists of plains in the north and hills in the south. The state has very prominent seasons, with hot, humid summers and very cold winters. The summer sees the highest amount of rainfall, specifically in the south, while the north sees much more snowfall during the winter, up to 76 inches. In addition to rain and snowstorms, Indiana is also prone to frequent thunderstorms. These storms bring intense winds and hail, with the occasional tornado. 

With all of these different weather hazards, you will want to take some precautions when building a steel building in Indiana. Humidity, rain, snow, wind and hail can all affect the lifespan of your building. You will want to take all rust preventative measures possible. It is also recommended to add gutters and downspouts due to the rain and snowfall that Indiana sees. Having a substantial wind load and snow load for your building will also help protect against the snowstorms and intense thunderstorms. 

At Great Western Buildings, we provide 100% American-made galvanized steel for all of our buildings. We always use G90 galvanized steel, which is ⅔ thicker than the industry standard of G30. This additional zinc coating greatly helps protect against any possible rusting, leading to a longer lifespan of your building. Although not required, we also provide and recommend gutters and downspouts for your building. This will allow for the rain and snowfall to have a safe destination to collect and be dispersed, rather than on top of your building or foundation, which will show signs of weathering over time, also leading to a weaker building. We always follow local building codes for your location, whether it is for wind or snow. The wind and snow loads will be a minimum requirement for your building, in order to withstand the strongest wind and snowstorms. Taking all of these precautions will help extend the life of your building and show how durable our steel buildings are.