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Delaware Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Delaware

Delaware, the first state of the United States, is also the second smallest state. It is found along the Atlantic Coastal Plain, which means the state is flat, sandy, and swampy. Delaware has the lowest mean elevation of all the states, given that it is right on the Atlantic coast. Severe weather threats are relatively mild in Delaware, usually only seeing the typical thunderstorm or snowstorm. However, the state can see some devastating effects from nearby hurricanes that don’t directly hit the state, including high winds and torrential rainfall.

The most important factors to keep in mind when building in Delaware are the humidity, rainfall and wind. Due to the fact that it is located right on the coast, it is susceptible to all of these conditions that can potentially affect your building. You will want to make sure you take all rust-preventative measures possible to improve the lifespan of your building. Adding gutters and downspouts will also be a great idea to help keep any moisture off of your building’s foundation. Local building codes will list the minimum requirements for wind and snow loads in your area. 

At Great Western Buildings, we use G90 galvanized steel, which contains ⅔ more zinc coating than the standard, G30. This is perfect for customers who live in humid climates that see more rainfall and are worried about their buildings getting rusty over time. We also provide the option of adding gutters and downspouts to your building. In a humid subtropical climate such as Delaware’s, this is very important to direct all rainfall to a safe destination, rather than onto your foundation. Although you must meet your local building code’s minimum requirements for wind and snow loads, you can always go above that if needed, to protect your building from the worst coastal storms. Great Western Buildings helps you take all of these customizable options available to build the strongest and sturdiest building of your dreams.