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Pennsylvania Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Pennsylvania

The Mid-Atlantic states region in the Northeast United States includes the state of Pennsylvania. This state consists of mountains, valleys, rivers, high plains, and coastal plains. The western side of the state has colder temperatures throughout the year and also sees more snow and rain. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are very cold and snowy, with mountain ranges receiving the highest amounts of snow, often up to 100 inches. Pennsylvania receives rainfall throughout the year and cloudy skies are very frequent. Weather hazards in this state include thunderstorms, snowstorms, blizzards, and effects from nearby tropical storms including hurricane-force winds and heavy rain. 

When building in Pennsylvania, you will need to keep the weather conditions in mind. With the high humidity, you will need to take all rust preventative measures possible. Local building codes will need to be followed for insulation, wind load, and snow load to ensure that your building can withstand the elements it will be facing. With the threat of heavy snowfall, cold temperatures, and lack of sunshine, it is recommended that you add eave extensions onto your building to protect your walkways and entrances from snow and ice buildup. 

At Great Western Buildings, all of those options are possible and we offer more customizable options as well. All of our buildings are made with G90 galvanized steel, which greatly reduces rust and is essential for humid environments such as Pennsylvania. We do require that local building codes are followed for your exact location. Insulation will be very important to keep your building heated or cooled to your desired temperature. Snow load is essential for support during those strong winter storms, especially in the mountains. Wind load is also important for the winter storms, but will be needed to endure those hurricane-force winds during the summer storms. We also recommend adding on eave extensions to your building. These will cover and help protect your walkways and entrances from the elements. This is important for reducing icy walkways and making for a safer outdoor environment for you. Great Western provides these options to satisfy every customer’s needs, while guaranteeing that your building is strong enough to withstand any storm.