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Kansas Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Kansas

Kansas is the most central state in the United States and has varying landscapes, contrary to popular belief. Although the state does mostly consist of prairies and farmland, the eastern portion of the state sees green hills and forests. Kansas also sees many different types of weather across the entire state, including dust storms, ice storms, snowstorms, tornadoes, and floods. The state is relatively humid and has typical hot summers and cold winters. The western side of the state usually sees more snow, while the eastern side sees more rain. Regardless of where you are located, you will see the humidity and some type of precipitation. 

In order to get the sturdiest steel building in Kansas, you will need to keep in mind the different weather hazards as well as humidity. Making sure your steel is galvanized will help protect against the humidity and greatly delay the onset of rusting. You will also want to make sure your building is up to code for the local wind and snow loads, to ensure that it will withstand the fiercest dust, wind, ice, and snow storms. Adding proper insulation to your building will also help protect against those weather hazards as well. 

With Great Western Buildings, you can completely customize your building to your liking. We use 100% U.S. steel, which is always G90 galvanized steel. This is important for buildings in humid locations, such as Kansas, because it helps increase the lifespan of your building by dramatically reducing the amount of rust that may form over decades. Local building codes for your area will have minimum requirements for wind load, snow load, and insulation. You can always go above the minimum requirements, to build an even sturdier building than recommended. We offer different insulation packages, ranging from R10 to R49, which will be great in protecting the inside of your building from the extreme heat and cold. Great Western also provides a 40-year paint warranty on all wall panels and colored roofs. This will keep your building looking brand new, even after decades of weathering.