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Nebraska Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Nebraska

Found in the Great Plains region in the Midwestern United States is Nebraska. The western side of the state consists of prairies, lakes, and valleys, while the eastern side has mostly rolling hills and is more humid. Summers are very hot, humid, and see the most amount of rainfall, while winters are windy, frigid and harsh. The eastern side of the state sees more rainfall than the west and the northern half of the state sees the higher amounts of snow. The biggest threats to Nebraska are the snowstorms, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes. 

When planning to build a steel building in Nebraska, you will need to keep the weather threats in mind. Due to the humidity and precipitation, you will want to take all rust preventative measures possible. You will also need to follow local building codes for insulation, wind load, and snow load. This will guarantee that your building is up to your local standards. 

Whether you are planning to use your steel building for agricultural purposes, storage, or anything else you desire, Great Western Buildings will be the perfect fit for you. We provide 100% American-made G90 galvanized steel for all buildings. This steel has a thicker zinc coating that helps reduce rust, which will be very important in humid locations, such as Nebraska. Our buildings are completely customizable, however, you must follow all local building codes for your location. This includes insulation, as well as wind and snow loads. Insulation will be important for those hot summer days and brutal winter nights, keeping your building at the desired temperature while remaining as energy efficient as possible. Our insulation package ratings range from R10 to R49. Having the correct wind load will be crucial to make sure your building can withstand the wind from the strongest blizzards and fiercest summer storms. The proper snow load is necessary as well, especially up north where more snowfall is seen. At Great Western, we also provide a 40-year paint warranty on all wall panels and colored roof systems. This will ensure that your building will remain looking brand new, even after decades of snow, rain, wind, and hailstorms.