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Oklahoma Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Oklahoma

Found in the Tornado Alley of the South Central United States is Oklahoma. The western part of the state is dry and consists of prairies, plains, canyons, and mesas. The western side receives less rainfall and more snowfall. The eastern portion of the state is more humid and the landscape contains wetlands, marshlands, and forests. Summer temperatures are extremely hot across the entire state, while winters can be cold in the northwest and mild in the southeast. The most extreme weather hazards to affect Oklahoma are severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. 

Erecting a steel building in Oklahoma may seem like an issue with the severe weather. However, with the correct precautions taken, a steel building will prove to be a great choice. Even though no steel building (or any building for that matter) is “tornado-proof,” they can be designed to withstand the strongest winds that occur during severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. In addition to making sure you have the correct wind load for your building, proper insulation will also be necessary. This will help keep your building cooler during those extremely hot summer months. Insulation requirements, as well as wind load and snow load will all be a part of your local building codes, which are specific for your location. It is also recommended to add on gutters and downspouts to your building to ensure proper drainage for all precipitation. 

At Great Western Buildings, we provide completely customizable options for all of our customers. We do require that all local building codes are followed, which will only ensure that your building will be up to par to deal with your local weather threats. Wind load and insulation will definitely be necessary across the state, and snow load will vary depending on location. Great Western also recommends adding gutters and downspouts to your building. This will allow for all precipitation to be properly drained to a designated location, reducing the chance of flooding and buildup on your building and foundation. These are essential in dealing with those intense summer storms that can bring heavy amounts of rainfall in a short amount of time. At Great Western, we provide many more options to add to your building in order to satisfy every customer’s needs.