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Wyoming Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Located in the western United States and known as the “Cowboy State” is Wyoming. The western two-thirds of the state consists of the Rocky Mountains, while the eastern one-third is all prairie and plains. Summers are hot, dry, and windy on the plains, with lower temperatures up in the mountains. Winters are very cold and snowy, with lower temperatures and higher amounts of snow in the mountains. Precipitation in the form of rain is very limited, averaging only around 10 inches per year, while snowfall averages 50 inches on the plains and up to 200 inches in the mountains. The biggest weather threats to Wyoming include thunderstorms, tornadoes, and blizzards. 

Whether you are building a steel building in Wyoming for agriculture, storage, or even a home, you will need to keep in mind all of the weather hazards that your building may encounter. Wyoming is one of the windiest states, and those wind speeds are increased during severe weather. Making sure that your building has the correct wind load will be essential in Wyoming. You will also need to have the correct local building codes for insulation, as well as snow load. It is also recommended to add on eave extensions to your building.

At Great Western Buildings, we use 100% American-made steel and provide a lifetime warranty on our structures. We also allow our customers to design their buildings exactly how they like. We do require that local building codes are followed, which will vary depending on your exact location. Wind load will be extremely important throughout the entire state, to make sure that your building is up to par with the intense wind speeds that it will see during any severe storms. Although no building is “tornado proof,” with the correct wind load, a steel building has a much greater chance of surviving such a storm. Having the proper insulation will keep your building warmer during those bitterly cold winters, and proper snow load will be needed to withstand any heavy snowfall amounts, especially up in the mountains. Great Western will also recommend adding on eave extensions to your building. These will cover any walkways or entrances around your building and prevent any snow or ice buildup, making for a safer environment for you. We also provide a 40-year paint warranty on all wall panels and colored roof systems, which will keep your building looking brand new even after decades of weathering. We provide all of these options and more to our customers to ensure that they are satisfied and guaranteed the most durable steel building in the industry.