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Connecticut Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Connecticut

Located in the northeastern region of the United States, Connecticut is the third smallest state. Although only just over 5,000 square miles, there is a range of landscapes and climates across the state. The northwestern inland portion is hilly and has a large range of temperatures throughout the year. The southeastern portion has a more humid climate and includes the state’s beaches and marshes. The biggest threat to Connecticut are the intense Nor’easter storms. During the summer, these storms bring torrential rainfall and flooding, and during the winter months, heavy snow and blizzards can shut down the affected areas for multiple days. 

When erecting a building in Connecticut, you will want to ensure that it will be prepared for the worst storms. Proper insulation, as well as the correct wind and snow loads will be very important for steel buildings in this location. Insulation will help keep the cold out during those brutal winter storms, and help protect against any high temperatures the state may see during the summer. Since Connecticut does receive some intense Nor’easters, having the proper wind and snow load will help increase the durability of your building. 

Great Western Buildings provides different options for insulation packages, ranging from R10 to R49. Local building codes will provide the minimum R-value required for your location. Since all our buildings are custom designed, you can always order above that value if needed, to guarantee that your building is designed to your standards. We always follow local building codes for wind loads and snow loads as well, which will help your building endure the windiest and strongest storms. We also offer a variety of different roof pitches that can be designed for areas with more rain or snowfall. All of our customizable options are available to give you the highest quality steel building possible.