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Maine Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Maine

Maine is the most northeastern state in the United States. Most of the landscape in Maine is forested and mountainous, while the coastline is rugged and rocky. Being located right on the Atlantic Ocean, it is humid and receives abundant amounts of rain and snow. Nor’easters are known to affect this state during the winter, bringing freezing rain, large amounts of snow, and cold temperatures. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind when designing and building a steel building in Maine is the weather. You will need a steel building that will be prepared for the harsh elements. Having galvanized steel, proper wind and snow loads, as well as insulation will all help your building withstand the storms and have a greater lifespan. 

Great Western Buildings provides G90 galvanized steel for all of our buildings. This steel has a zinc coating that helps reduce rust, which is guaranteed to occur in humid climates. Although our buildings are completely customizable, we do follow all local building codes for your location. Those codes will tell you the minimum requirements for snow loads, wind loads, and insulation. All of these are very important for a building in Maine, to ensure that your building is prepared for the elements. Proper insulation will keep your building cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and make it more energy efficient. We also use double sided mastic tape between the wall panels to ensure that the building will be as waterproof as possible. At Great Western, we provide all of these options and more to make our customers confident in their purchase.