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Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Massachusetts

One of the most popular tourist destinations in New England is Massachusetts, home to Cape Cod, Boston, and Martha’s Vineyard. Being located right along the coast, the state has some beautiful beaches. Massachusetts is also home to mountains in the west, flatlands in the central portion, and marshes in the east. Summer is humid, but has comfortably warm temperatures, while winters bring ice and snow storms. Spring, summer, and fall bring ample amounts of rainfall, and winters can see up to 100 inches of snow per year. Nor’easter storms are very common in the winter and bring freezing temperatures, immense amounts of snowfall, and damaging winds. These strong storms can close roads and shut down communities for days. 

When planning to build a steel building in Massachusetts, you will need to take a few things into consideration. Being located so close to the Atlantic Ocean, you will want to take all rust preventative measures possible to help with the humidity. Making sure that you follow all local building codes for wind load, snow load, and insulation will also be necessary. This will help your building withstand the strongest Nor’easters. 

At Great Western Buildings, we provide customizable options to all of our customers, in order to satisfy their needs and requests. On our buildings, we always use G90 galvanized steel, which is very important in humid locations, such as Massachusetts. This steel has a thicker zinc coating that helps reduce rust, which is bound to happen over decades in high humidity. We also follow all local building codes for your location, whether it is for wind load, snow load, or insulation. You can always go above the requirements if needed, to ensure that you will have the sturdiest and most efficient steel building. At Great Western, we also provide a 40-year paint warranty on all wall panels and colored roof systems. This will guarantee that your building will continue to look brand new, even after years of weathering and storms. We provide all of these different options and more, to show our customers that our buildings are durable and can be designed completely to your needs.