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Vermont Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Vermont

Found in the northeastern corner of the United States is Vermont. The landscape of this state consists of mountains, forests, highlands, and river valleys. Summers in Vermont are warm and humid, while winters are bitterly cold and snowy. Rainfall is seen throughout the year, but spring and summer see slightly increased amounts. The entire state sees an average of 90 inches of snow per year, but the mountains and highlands receive much more than that. Vermont is prone to thunderstorms, snowstorms, and blizzards. 

When planning on erecting a steel building in Vermont, you must keep the weather conditions in mind. With any humidity, you will want to take all rust preventative measures possible. You will also need to follow your local building codes, including proper insulation, wind load, and snow load. With the threat of snowstorms, blizzards, and frigid winter temperatures, it is also recommended to add eave extensions onto your building, which will help reduce snow and ice buildup. 

Great Western Buildings provides completely customizable options for every customer in order to satisfy their wants and needs. As a standard, we use G90 galvanized steel for all of our buildings. This steel has a thicker zinc coating than the industry standard and helps in reducing rust, which is essential in any humid climate. We do require that local building codes are followed, which will vary depending on location. Proper insulation will keep your building heated to your liking during those extremely cold winters, while remaining as energy efficient as possible. Having the correct wind load will be important for your building to endure any strong thunderstorms or blizzards. The accurate snow load will also be needed for any snow storms or blizzards, and the mountains of Vermont will definitely see higher minimum requirements for that. Great Western will also recommend adding on the eave extensions over any walkways or entrances. This will protect those areas from the elements and reduce the amount of snow and ice around your building, ultimately making for a safer environment for you. Great Western provides all of these options and more in order to meet each customer’s standards and provide them with the building of their dreams.