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Alaska Metal Buildings

Buyers guide to Metal Buildings in Alaska

Alaska is the most Northwestern state in the United States and has more territory than Texas. It has limited roadways and ranges in climate from the extreme north of the Arctic Circle to an oceanic climate similar to places like Scotland in the southeast panhandle. There are short cool Summers here as well as extreme differences between the lowest temperatures and the highest.

This may seem like an issue when wanting to put up a steel building. However, with the correct precautions a steel building is an excellent choice for this part of the country.

At Great Western Buildings, we customize all buildings to our customer’s needs, while following all local building codes. A building in Alaska would be designed with higher wind and snow loads, specific to your county and would be built to last with G90 Galvanized secondaries and gray oxide primaries which can stand the tests of time and stress. We also have various options for insulation which will help keep your building comfortable.