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Idaho Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Idaho

Idaho, located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, is home to mountain ranges, valleys, and plains. The mountains and valleys typically see lower temperatures and increased snowfall amounts, averaging over 100 inches of snow per year. The plains receive more rainfall in the summer and higher temperatures, but not nearly as much snow. In addition to heavy snowstorms, Idaho is prone to severe thunderstorms that bring heavy rain, strong winds, and occasional hail. 

Due to the different landscaping and weather conditions across the state, erecting a steel building in Idaho will be very dependent on your exact location. Following the local building codes for your location will be the most important, depending on how much snow or wind you receive. Since Idaho can also see some frigid temperatures, you will want to make sure you have enough insulation to keep your building heated properly and as efficient as possible. 

At Great Western Buildings, all of our steel buildings are 100% American made and completely customizable. We follow all local building codes for your specific location, but you are always welcome to go above and beyond those minimum requirements. Areas with increased snow amounts will obviously have a higher snow load, and wind loads will be higher in areas that see more damaging winds. At Great Western, you will be assured that your building can withstand any storm. We also offer different insulation packages, ranging from R10 to R49. You must follow local codes with insulation as well, but can always go higher than the requirement, to keep the inside of your building heated or cooled to your liking. In addition, we provide a standard 40-year paint warranty on all wall panels as well as colored roof systems. This guarantees that the color of your building will not fade or be affected by the worst snow or hail storms that your building may see in Idaho. By taking all of these customizable precautions, you can be confident that your building will be made to last.