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Arkansas Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Arkansas

From the northwestern mountains to the humid southeastern plains, Arkansas has a relatively mild climate. Winters occasionally bring light snow and ice storms to the Ozark Mountains, but average temperatures remain above freezing for the majority of the season. Summers are very hot and humid, bringing thunderstorms and tornadoes with it. Fall is warm and dry, while spring brings the most severe weather threats (flooding and severe thunderstorms) to the state. 

Depending on where exactly your building will be located, you will need to take different precautions to improve the longevity of your building. Although the climates slightly vary around the state, the humidity does not. Being one of the more humid states, you will want to take all the rust preventative measures possible. Adding gutters and downspouts to your building is also a great idea, since Arkansas receives the 8th most rainfall out of all 50 states. With the summer heat, you will want adequate insulation to ensure that your building stays cooler and more efficient. 

At Great Western Buildings, all buildings are designed using G90 galvanized steel. This means that there is ⅔ more zinc coating than the standard, G30, and will do a great job at protecting against rust in the humid climate. We also provide the option of adding gutters and downspouts to your building. While not always necessary, it is recommended that those are added onto buildings located in climates such as Arkansas that receive more rainfall, to protect your foundation from the elements. We also offer different insulation packages that can be adjusted to your needs, as well as your local building codes. Insulation will not only provide a barrier to keep the heat out during the summer and cold out during the winter, but it will also prevent condensation, which will help improve the overall lifespan of your building.