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Kentucky Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Kentucky

Located in the east-central portion of the United States is Kentucky. This state has many different landscapes, including plains and rolling hills, valleys, cliffs, caves, swamps, and more. The humidity in Kentucky is relatively high, and it sees the typical hot summers and mildly cold winters. Summers are very hot and humid, and the heat is unforgiving. During the winter, snowfall is limited, and although temperatures don’t typically drop to the extreme lows, the strong winds intensify the cold. The northern part of the state receives less rain than the southern part, but it sees much more snowfall than the south. One of the biggest weather-related threats to Kentucky are the fierce thunderstorms that can potentially turn into tornadoes and floods. 

Whether you want to build a horse arena, barndominium, or garage, Kentucky is a great place to erect a steel building. Although Kentucky has many different regions, the entire state sees the humidity, some sort of precipitation throughout the year, and the threat of thunderstorms. This helps provide a general standard when planning to buy a steel building in Kentucky. You will want to take all rust-preventative measures possible to help deal with the humidity and precipitation. Making sure you have the correct wind load will help with those intense thunderstorms and wicked winds. Depending on your exact location, you may need to determine the minimum snow load requirement as well. People usually associate insulation with cold weather, but it helps with extremely hot temperatures as well, which will be very important for steel buildings in Kentucky. 

At Great Western Buildings, we use G90 galvanized steel as a standard. This has a thicker zinc coating and helps reduce rust, which is very important in humid locations. Your local building codes will have minimum requirements for wind, snow, and insulation. Once you are aware of the minimum requirements for your specific location, you can decide if you would like to go above those requirements, as a personal preference. Having the proper wind and snow loads will help protect your building from the elements, in addition to the proper amount of insulation. Since Kentucky does receive a significant amount of rainfall, it is suggested that you add gutters and downspouts to your building. This will help direct all rainfall to a designated area, rather than building up on top of your foundation, which could decrease the overall lifespan of your building. All of these customizable options are available with Great Western, in order to provide the strongest and sturdiest building to your standards.