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Tennessee Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Tennessee

The southeastern part of the United States is home to the state of Tennessee. The eastern side of the state consists of mountains and valleys, the middle section has rolling hills, and the western portion of the state is flat and mostly agricultural. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are relatively mild and occasionally cold. Tennessee receives the 5th most amount of rainfall of all 50 states, and is seen throughout the year. Snowfall amounts are highly dependent on your location; the eastern side of the state can see up to 80 inches in the mountains, while the western side only averages around 5 inches total. The most common weather hazards to affect Tennessee include severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and snow storms. 

No matter what you are planning on using your steel building for in Tennessee, you will need to keep some things in mind. You will want to take all rust preventative measures possible to handle the high humidity and precipitation. You must also follow all local building codes, whether it is for insulation, wind load, or snow load. These are minimum requirements and vary depending on location. It is also recommended to add on gutters and downspouts to your building to handle the high amount of precipitation. 

At Great Western Buildings, we provide customizable options for all of our customers. As a standard, we use G90 galvanized steel, which greatly helps in reducing rust and will be essential in Tennessee. We do require local building codes to be followed, but you are always welcome to go above those requirements if preferred. Proper insulation will help keep your building cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and as energy efficient as possible. The correct wind load will be necessary to allow your building to withstand those intense wind gusts that may occur during severe thunderstorms or tornadoes. Although no building is “tornado proof,” steel buildings are one of the highest recommended options for building in tornado-prone areas. Snow load will definitely vary depending on location, with higher requirements the further east you are located. Great Western will also recommend adding gutters and downspouts. With the high amount of rainfall Tennessee sees, this will help with drainage and reduce any chances of flooding on or around your building. We also provide a 40-year paint warranty on all wall panels and colored roof systems. This will keep your building looking brand new even after decades of rain, hail, and snow. Great Western provides all of these options and more to satisfy all customers needs, while providing a high-quality, long lasting steel building.