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West Virginia Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in West Virginia

West Virginia is located in the southeastern region of the United States. The different terrain of this state includes rugged mountains, rolling hills, forests, valleys, and rivers. Temperatures in the summer aren’t extremely hot, but the high humidity makes them feel that way. Summer is also the rainiest season of the year, with higher amounts of precipitation in the mountains. Winters are cold and cloudy, with snowfall amounts ranging from 40 to 120 inches. West Virginia is one of the cloudiest states, seeing more cloudy days than days with sunshine. The state is relatively calm in terms of severe weather, but does see thunderstorms with heavy rain and snowstorms. 

West Virginia is a great state to build a steel building, with no extreme weather threats to the area. You will want to take all rust preventative measures possible to handle the high humidity and precipitation. Local building codes will also need to be followed, whether that is for insulation, wind load, or snow load. It is also recommended to add gutters and downspouts to your building to properly drain all rainwater. 

At Great Western Buildings, we can help you design the steel building of your dreams. As a standard, we use G90 galvanized steel, which has a thicker zinc coating and will help in reducing rust in such humid locations. We do require that all local building codes are followed, which are always minimum requirements that can be surpassed if preferred. Proper insulation will help regulate your building’s temperature during those warm summer days and cold winter nights. The correct wind load will help with any severe thunderstorms, and snow load will be great for any heavy snowstorms, especially in the mountains. We will also recommend adding gutters and downspouts onto your building. This will be very helpful, especially in the summer when torrential rainfall can be common. These will drain all water to a designated area, reducing any chance of flooding on or around your building. Although West Virginia doesn’t see extreme amounts of snow like some other states, with the lack of sunshine, Great Western will also recommend adding on eave extensions over any walkways or entrances. This will help cover those areas, protecting them from the elements, and limiting the amount of snow or ice buildup around your building. Especially if your building is located in the mountains, these will be essential in maintaining a safe outdoor environment for you. Great Western will provide you with a safe, long-lasting, and durable steel building, designed exactly to your satisfaction.