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New Mexico Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in New Mexico

Located in the Southwestern region of the United States is New Mexico. The different land features of this state include desert, mesas, canyons, valleys, and mountains. The southern portion of the state is mostly desert, with very limited rainfall and snowfall, and hot temperatures. Summer days in the south are hot and dry, while nighttime cools down to more comfortable temperatures. Southern winters are mild and receive extremely little snowfall, typically only frost. The northern part of the state has mountains, pastures, and valleys with lower temperatures and much more rainfall and snowfall. Summers are still hot, but winters can be brutally cold with large amounts of snowfall. The highest mountains can see up to 160 inches in the winter. Severe weather in New Mexico consists of thunderstorms, floods, and snowstorms. 

Whether you are using your steel building in New Mexico for agriculture, storage, or any other use, you will need to keep a few factors in mind. Proper insulation will be very important to handle the different range of temperatures that the state sees. Wind load will also be important, and snow load may be important depending on where exactly you are located. 

At Great Western Buildings, we provide customizable options for all of our customers to ensure that all needs are met, while providing a sturdy and durable building. We do require that all local building codes are followed, which includes insulation, wind load, and snow load. These building codes are simply minimum requirements for your location, and you are welcome to go above those requirements if wanted. Proper insulation is necessary in order to keep your building cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, while keeping it as energy efficient as possible. At Great Western, our insulation packages range from R10 to R49. Your local building codes will also include wind load. This will be very important for your building to be able to endure any strong wind storms during thunderstorms or blizzards. Depending on your exact location, snow load can also be very important. The northern part of the state will have a much higher snow load, in order for your building to support those heavy winter snowstorms. At Great Western Buildings, we provide the sturdiest steel building that is designed exactly how each customer requests it to be.