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Utah Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Utah

Found in the western part of the United States is Utah. The topography of this state includes mountains, canyons, deserts, valleys, and mesas. Summers in Utah are long and extremely hot, while winters are short and cold. Rainfall is very limited and snowfall amounts increase the further north you go. The mountains in the Wasatch Range can receive up to 500 inches of snow! Utah is prone to severe thunderstorms, blizzards, and earthquakes. 

When planning to erect a steel building in Utah, you must keep the weather threats in mind. Designing your building to have the correct local building codes will be required. The correct wind load will be extremely important for the severe thunderstorms, as well as blizzards. Snow load will vary depending on your location, and will have higher minimum requirements in the mountains. Proper insulation will not only help with the cold winters, but will keep your building cooler during those brutally hot summer months. Since there is a threat of earthquakes in Utah, you will also need to have the correct seismic load for your building. It is also recommended to add eave extensions onto your building. 

At Great Western Buildings, we provide different customizable options for all of our customers. We do require that all local building codes are followed for your location, including insulation, wind load, snow load, and seismic load. These are minimum requirements and you are welcome to go above those requirements if preferred. Great Western also recommends adding on eave extensions to your building. This will not only be helpful in the winter, but year-round. Eave extensions will help protect your walkways and entrances from the elements, reducing buildup of rain, snow, and ice, and making for a safer outside environment. These eave extensions will also help shade those areas of your building and help keep it cooler during those hot summer days. At Great Western, we also provide a 40-year paint warranty on all wall panels and colored roof systems, which will keep your building looking brand new, even after decades of sun, rain, hail, and snow. We offer all of these options to satisfy all of our customers needs, while providing them with a durable and long-lasting steel building.