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Oregon Metal Buildings

Buyers Guide to Metal Buildings in Oregon

Found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is Oregon. The different landscapes that make up this state include the coast, forests, mountains, and deserts. The area along the coastline sees mild and wet summers, while the southwestern part of the state has hot summers. The eastern part of the state has more deserts, with cold and snowy winters. Rainfall amounts vary depending on location, with the coast and western mountains receiving the most amounts, ranging from 90-200 inches, while the desert areas see very little. The desert, however, receives much more snowfall than the coast and mountain ranges can see up to a massive 550 inches of snow. Weather threats to Oregon include thunderstorms, hailstorms, hurricane-force winds, and snowstorms. 

When wanting to build a steel building in Oregon, you will need to keep a few things in mind. Since Oregon receives so much precipitation, making sure your building is as rust-proof as possible will be essential. You will also want to add on gutters and downspouts to your building to handle the precipitation. Local building codes will need to be followed, which include insulation, snow load, and wind load. Insulation is important to keep your building heated or cooled to your desired temperature, while keeping your building as energy efficient as possible. Snow load will also be important to handle the snowstorms, and will vary depending on your exact location. Buildings in the mountains will definitely require a higher snow load to accommodate for the extreme amounts of snow. Oregon is also prone to hurricane-force winds that can do a lot of damage, therefore having the correct wind load will also be necessary. 

At Great Western Buildings, we provide G90 galvanized steel for all buildings. This steel has a thicker zinc coating than the standard and greatly helps reduce rust. As an option, we can add on gutters and downspouts if preferred. This is highly recommended in locations such as Oregon, to be able to manage the heavy amounts of rain or snow. These will prevent buildup on your building or foundation and allow for all precipitation to be drained and directed towards a specific area to reduce the chance of flooding and damage. We do require that all local building codes are followed for your exact location. Insulation, snow load, and wind load are all essential in the state of Oregon to ensure that your building can withstand the worst weather elements in your area. With these different options and more, your Great Western building will be the most durable steel building in the industry.