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What We Do

With Great Western you will receive the highest quality steel structure, the best service in the industry and a building designed for a lifetime.


You Are the Most Important Part of the Detailing Process! Our detailers are trained to understand their role in the delivery of a steel building to you. They know that this building is an important place for you to expand your business, to store your memories; it’s a place where you work on your hobbies […]

Engineering Department

It’s the part of the process that most customers don’t get to see, but it’s the part of the process that’s most important – Engineering. At Great Western, our experienced engineers take the lead to ensure your steel building is sturdy, easy to erect, and looks great. They don’t just understand the basics of construction […]


ENGINEERED FOR EXCELLENCE MANUFACTURING As a Manufacturer, Great Western has very competitive advantages which we gladly pass on to you. We’re able to source the fabrication and component pieces of your steel building to factories and vendors which not only specialize in steel buildings, but we can locate facilities that are closer, geographically, to your job […]


Great Western Steel Buildings’ Guide to Metal Building Permits Building Permits. The words alone can make home and business owners shudder with fear and shake in anger! The permitting process understandably makes many folks nervous: sometimes they don’t realize it’s a simple process, they worry permitting will be expensive, or they don’t want the government […]