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You Are the Most Important Part of the Detailing Process!

Our detailers are trained to understand their role in the delivery of a steel building to you. They know that this building is an important place for you to expand your business, to store your memories; it’s a place where you work on your hobbies or crafts; you’re trusting the steel building to shelter your livestock or provide coverage for recreation activities. Whatever the use, you’re investing time and money and we take that very seriously.

You will be part of the process at every step. Your participation doesn’t just stop at the ordering process – it continues until your building is completely erected. If you can imagine it, it’s likely the detailers can make it happen. You’ll be given detailed and stamped drawings throughout the process of designing your unique steel building – this will give you creative and quality control over what you’re purchasing. You’re able to direct us on your steel building – from big changes like the addition of a mezzanine to small ones like moving a door to the left by 6 inches.

“You will be part of the process at every step. Your participation doesn’t just stop at the ordering process – it continues until your building is completely erected.

-Eric Beavers, President – Great Western Steel Building Systems


Satisfaction Is In the Details at Great Western – Choose an Experienced Team to Detail your Metal Building

Great Western’s superior engineering is only useful to you if you can understand how to erect your steel building. That’s where our detailing department comes in to assist. Simply put, the detailing department is responsible for making the structural engineering work. Component pieces like doors and windows or interior lights and insulation; accessory pieces like folding doors, overhead cranes, HVAC systems, and even the small connection pieces which attach your girts and purlins to the rigid frame need to be illustrated for assembly by the detailing department.

Our detailers are experienced in working on all types of steel building – from the small backyard workshop or car-port to strip malls, churches, and expansive clear span, multi-level warehouses or factories! The detailers adhere to and often surpass the code requirements as determined by the IBC (International Building Code) and IRC (International Residential Code). We work with industry organizations like the MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association) to ensure that you’re getting the benefit of the latest in technology, industry standards, and technology!

How Is Great Western’s Detailing Department Unique?

Most steel building companies are excited to work with you once you’ve ordered a steel building and paid a substantial deposit. Who wouldn’t be! But what if you’re merely at the planning or saving stage and you just need some information – you’re not ready to put money down because you’re still weighing your options and budget.

Even if you don’t buy from us, we take absolute pride in knowing we’ve helped you make an informed and educated decision about your options. We don’t employ high pressure sales techniques to pressure you into purchasing something you’re not at all ready for. We’re not selling used cars, we’re providing you with your dream shop, warehouse, garage, barn, factory, or business expansion. We want you to get what you need, how and when you need it, and we want to work with your budget. Many times, least expensive is least quality – but we have options to help make things affordable for you. We value your investment with the same high level of trust that you value our investment in you.

Great Western believes that satisfied clients are our more effective company ambassadors – we need you, too. This is why it’s critical that our detailing team gets every detail of your steel building right and why we rely so heavily on your input, opinions, and participation.


Great Western utilizes industry leading technologies to deliver the highest quality engineering and detailing available

1. Fabrication and Delivery Release

Once we receive your authorization to begin fabrication and schedule your steel building for delivery your project engineer will assign a detailer and a supervisor to your project. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to check and verify the accuracy of the detailers work.

2. Shop Drawings

Your detailing team will generate the drawings that are necessary for the workers and machines in the shop to fabricate each individual piece of your building. These shop drawings include raw material details, weld specifications, hole and clip locations and any other part specific information that is necessary for the fabrication of each part like special tolerance requirements.

3. Shipping Documents and BOM

Once the shop drawings have been completed the detailing team will create your Bill of Materials and verify that the part numbers called out are accurate to the buildings construction and erection drawings. Beyond ensuring that all primary and structural component pieces are accounted for they also make sure that your building is shipped with all necessary hardware, fasteners, panels, trims and accessory components. It is with these documents that you can and should perform an inventory check during delivery.