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It’s the part of the process that most customers don’t get to see, but it’s the part of the process that’s most important – Engineering.

At Great Western, our experienced engineers take the lead to ensure your steel building is sturdy, easy to erect, and looks great. They don’t just understand the basics of construction and building, they provide creative solutions to exceed your expectations. Trust our in-house engineering team to deliver a quality steel building that meets your specific needs.

When you choose Great Western for your steel building, you’ll benefit from our in-house engineering team that never outsources or brokers their services. This means you can expect faster turnaround times for stamped engineering drawings and direct access to the designer during the erection process. These advantages alone make Great Western the best choice for your steel building needs.

“Our engineering team is authorized to stamp structural plans in all 50 states. The breadth of their experience is second to none.

-Eric Beavers, Founder – Great Western Steel Building System

Our Engineering Process

We know how important accurate engineering is.

Approval drawings are generally the first step in a steel building project by Great Western. After an initial review by a project engineer our drafting department will generate a set of building drawings for customer review. These plans are provided for approval and/or mark-up.

Our detailing and drafting team will create a final set of drawings for construction and permitting once the approval drawings have been accepted. Your project engineer will review and approve the drawings, and then submit them to the detailing department. The anchor bolt plan and base plate patterns are verified, and the drawings package is then sealed by a licensed Great Western engineer in the applicable state. We will send the original documents to you or your agent, along with a form to release the building for hard fabrication and delivery.

When you authorize Great Western for fabrication and delivery, our head of the engineering department assigns a detailer and a checker to generate the shop drawings that are to be used at the factory. They will create an exploded view of each piece of the steel building that requires fabrication, and generate lists of materials, and the shipping documents needed for an onsite inventory during the delivery process. The project then moves to a supervisor for a thorough inspection of the documents for accuracy. Once this is complete, the project is ready to be fabricated at the factory and shipped to the jobsite.