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Secondary Framing


Great Western’s secondary framing is second to none!

At Great Western Buildings, we offer a range of high-quality secondary framing options for your steel building. Our team of skilled engineers has the expertise to design and construct a secondary framing system that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From purlins and girts to eave struts and more, we have the materials and experience to ensure that your steel building has a strong and reliable secondary framing system. The quality of our secondary system is second to none and is a complex component of the steel building system.

Comprised of cold-formed cee, zee, angle, and special shape members, these 100% U.S. fabricated items make up around 50% of the total structural system. The Great Western secondary system is made up of girts, purlins, door jambs, headers, and eave struts. Available in a variety of web and flange depths we also use, as a standard, G-90 galvanized 12, 14, and 16 gauge products.

G-90 meets the demanding needs of buildings being used in harsh marine and other corrosive environments. Nearly one ounce of zinc covers every square foot of steel and is 2/3rds thicker than the more common, G-30 products used in the industry.

Great Western’s design and fabrication standards call for a 1/16th inch tolerance for hole locations and a 1/8” tolerance for overall length, camber, and twist. Our galvanized members are never welded. Welding on galvanized steel damages the anti-corrosive properties of the zinc coating around the welds and wouldn’t allow us to offer our lifetime workmanship and material warranty. Instead, we pre-punch every connection to the tightest tolerances and provide all necessary hardware for installation.

Not only does the Great Western secondary structural system outperform the other systems available, but it also looks great too. The industry standard secondaries are coated in a red primer and don’t have the anti-corrosive properties of a galvanized steel building. Like the primary system, our girts, purlins, base angles, and other secondary framing pieces won’t conceal problem areas or rust. This makes areas in need of maintenance easy to identify for the life of the building.

Product Benefits

  • Fabricated to strict tolerances for ease of erection
  • 100% Fabricated in the U.S.A.
  • 2/3 more zinc coating than G-30
  • Pre-Punched and No Welds
  • 12, 14, and 16 gauge in any shape configuration available


  • Steel Source: 100% U.S. Steel
  • Galvanization: G90 Mill
  • Grades: ASTM A1011 Grade 50 or Higher
  • Shapes: Cees, Zees, Hat, Angle, Eave Struts
  • Hole Tolerance: 1/16th”
  • Camber Tolerance: 1/8th”
  • Length Tolerance: 1/8th”
  • Twist Tolerance: 1/8th”
  • Manufacturing Process: Cold-Formed & Pre-Punched

Design Your Custom Building

Great Western’s custom design tool allows you to design, customize, and price the best metal building for your needs. You can also share and print your designs or save them and modify them later.