Ranchers, farmers, dairy producers—We offer exceptional value for Machine and Equipment Storage, Commodity and Hay Storage, Livestock Shelter and Barns, Dairy and Feed Facilities

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Airplane Hangars And Aviation

Clear Span – the unobstructed span of a Great Western steel building hangar is perfect for aviation enthusiasts and airlines alike.

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Churches And Religious Buildings

The clear span design capability of our steel buildings are perfect for large meeting spaces

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Commercial Buildings

Our commercial buildings are fully customizable and the open floor design of our steel building kits allow for any use of the space.

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Government Buildings

Working with the Federal, state and local governments requires in-depth knowledge of how your various agencies operate. Great Western has experience working with General Contractors or with municipalities, states, or Federal agencies, directly.

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Industrial Structures

Our Primary framing system can support the heaviest overhead crane systems, suspended mezzanine/catwalks and HVAC; fire retardation and heavy lights.

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Storage And Mini Storage

People only invest in mini storage if they have things they consider valuable. They come to you because they trust that you’re going to be a responsible steward of their memories or the things they treasure.

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Homes And Residential Barndominiums

Many folks don’t realize how perfect a steel building from Great Western is for a metal building home, barndominium or a simple outbuilding with a mother-in-law apartment and space for the toys can be.

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Riding Arenas

Horses are beautiful, graceful, and require large spaces – why provide them with anything less.

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Garages And Shops

Workshops and garages may seem like they’re a simple project – but what makes them special is what they mean to the people who buy them.

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Great Western warehouses provide a safe and open space for large scale storage – we understand the need to transport, store, and catalog a variety of goods – and understand the value of those goods to keeping your company operational and able to meet your customers’ needs.

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Great Western Building Systems has a wide variety of steel buildings for sale. Each is custom designed to meet local building code and loads, and to meet your needs and preferences. Our project managers work closely with you to ensure the final design is a beautiful steel building, that exceeds the goals of the project, and will last a lifetime. All of our buildings are made with the highest quality American steel, and have been specifically designed to make the erection process go smoothly. Our team of support staff is here to help you along the way, to assist you in decisions about building design and to answer erection questions once your building is on-site. The beginning-to-end customer service we provide helps you reach your end goal: to have your dream building completed and ready to enjoy.

Our steel buildings are used for a variety of agricultural needs. Whether you are looking for a barn, hay storage, a livestock shelter, or a place to store your farming equipment, our buildings will meet your needs. Many of our customers create multi-functional agricultural buildings that offer storage and stables, or other combinations. Great Western Buildings supplies a variety of options for riding arenas, as these can be enclosed, open walled, include attached stables or space for living quarters if desired.

Airplane enthusiasts love our steel buildings. Our clear span designs offer plenty of room for aircraft storage. These buildings can accommodate Hangar door openings greater than 200’ wide. Because each Great Western Building is custom designed to meet our customers needs, we can ensure the building you buy will provide the storage space you need for your airplane, as well as any additional room or uses you would like to have in your new steel hangar building.

Metal Buildings are an excellent option for churches and recreational centers. The large efficient clear-span provides open areas that can be used for meeting spaces, pools, and arenas. We have years of experience working with architects and general contractors, and our project managers will help you get what you need at a budget you can afford. Our designs provide freedom for your interior layout because you will not need to worry about interior columns, and they work wonderfully for pavilions and park canopies as well.

Many business owners choose our steel buildings for their commercial needs. Customers have created Large multi-unit retail spaces for lease, office buildings, auto shops, training centers and dealerships. When it comes to your business dream, the sky’s the limit and using our combined decades of steel building experience, we can create a steel building for your commercial project. Our buildings are long-lasting, easy to erect, and attractive. Each comes with a lifetime structural warranty, and will serve your customers for years to come.

Working with state and local governments requires attention to detail, budget minded projected managers, and the ability to balance the needs of the government agency, the desires of the architect, and aesthetics desired by the community. Great Western Buildings uses only American steel, and all of our buildings are manufactured in the United States. This makes us the perfect company to provide fire stations, schools, and storage facilities needed by government agencies. We meet the requirements of the Buy America Act, and can provide all documentation needed for these agencies to obtain purchase approval.

Our industrial steel buildings provide advantages for layout and design because of the large open clear-span spaces steel affords. The strength of our produce allows for efficient and affordable large spaces. Whether you are planning to build a manufacturing plant, or to create a refinery, our product is the best for the job. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, our buildings have been used from greenhouses to processing plants and beyond. Our buildings have been used as mining facilities, recycling centers, and manufacturing plants. We sell a wide away of siding and other products, including engineering to support cranes, mezzanines, and HVAC.

Steel mini-storage structures are an excellent option for the budget conscious entrepreneur. Comprised primarily of light gauge steel, not only are these buildings exceptionally affordable, but they’re incredibly easy to erect as well. Which ends up saving you money on the materials as well as the labor for your project.

Residential steel buildings are our bread and butter. Whether you’re looking to erect a metal garage, or steel frame shop building, we have you covered. Our experienced sales staff and project managers consult with thousands of customers every month on how to complete their metal out building project in the most cost effective, and time efficient manner.

Steel warehouse buildings are very popular right now. Whether being used as storage for products and materials, or indoor agricultural purposes, we can show you how to save money and time with a pre engineered metal building system.

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