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Horses are beautiful, graceful, and require large spaces – don't provide them with anything less than a Great Western Steel Building.

Choosing a Great Western metal building for your equestrian project means choosing a highly functional and inviting space for your riders, livestock, and spectators alike. Our expert designers have decades of experience designing both open and enclosed show-ready riding arenas, stables, and tack and feed storage buildings. Whether you’re looking for a personal stable or a riding arena to host hundreds of spectators, Great Western can provide you with the perfect structure for your unique use case.

Great Western’s American-made steel buildings use clear-span framing with no interior columns or supports that interrupt usable space and come backed with a lifetime structural warranty. Additionally, our buildings are designed with the DIY-er in mind and come with an industry-leading, in-depth, yet comprehensive erection manual to make your construction process smooth and straightforward. Finally, we offer our customers a 24/7 support hotline to ensure any questions that may arise are answered quickly throughout the entire design, delivery, and construction process.

90 x 140 x 17

Rogue River, OR

80 x 140

Northern Washinton State

100 x 200

Our buildings are highly customizable, and our designers are here to ensure your building suits you down to every last detail. With many available ventilation options and clear-span framing, a Great Western building is versatile, affordable, and ready to bring your ideal equestrian facility to reality. With a wide variety of lighting and insulation options on the market, you’re free to customize your building to ensure it’s precisely what you want it to be.

Trust Great Western to build the exceptional steel building you need for your equestrian operations.

70 x 140 Gable

70 x 140 Gable

70 x 140 Western

Why Choose a Metal Building for Your Equestrian Facility?

Generally, the materials for a metal building are cheaper than traditional wood or brick construction. Metal buildings are more robust and weather-resistant, require little to no maintenance, and quickly assemble. This means you can spend more time focusing on your horses, riders, and business. 

Steel buildings are far more fire-resistant than traditional wood structures and, as a result, are typically much cheaper to insure. We understand that the safety of livestock, riders, and employees is an extremely high priority, and a metal riding arena can provide unprecedented peace of mind. 

Our building designs are incredibly versatile. If you’re looking for a more integrated solution. In that case, our designers can attach lean-to structures to your riding arena for integrated stables, tack, wash racks, storage, or even offices and administrative facilities. Lean-to designs offer a natural break between riding and stable spaces that are both aesthetic and functional. Whether you’re looking to host competitions, offer boarding services, or a training facility, our designers will work to ensure you get YOUR perfect building solution. 

Ready to get started? Our 3D building designer allows you to customize a handful of building options to get an idea of what you’d like. You can then submit your preliminary design to get your free estimate. You can also contact our team directly with your unique building needs for a free and accurate quote.

How Much Does a Metal Equestrian Building Cost?

The cost of a metal building is entirely dependent on project specifics. International Building Code requirements for snow loading, wind resistance, and other climate requirements affect the amount of required material for your building. The most definitive way to get an accurate estimate for your project is to contact the Great Western team directly with your location and building size requirements. 

Pricing for a Great Western metal building starts around $15 to $20 per square foot on a basic level. Still, if you’re in an area that faces extreme weather conditions like excessive snowfall, extreme wind, or consistent seismic activity, the cost per square foot will exceed that range.

Overall construction costs depend on your level of interior finishing and build-out and factors like hiring contractors vs. erecting the structure yourself. Another factor is the amount of concrete used. For example, a full concrete floor for the entire structure would cost more than a simple foundation for the building. Our team provides as accurate an estimate as possible so that your architects and contractors can provide you with an accurate overall cost estimate.

Why Choose Great Western Buildings?

At Great Western, each building project we complete is built on the back of our core values in designing high-quality American-made buildings that we can stand behind for life. Moreover, we strive to ensure that our customers get the exact building that they want. Our team works with you to create a building that meets the needs of your specific use case, location, and budget. Designed with the DIY-er and first-time builder in mind, Great Western Buildings are affordable and simple to erect. If you run into an issue or have a question, we have a 24/7 construction support hotline to take care of you.

Every Great Western Building comes with a lifetime structural warranty. You can take solace in knowing that our designers leave no stone unturned when it comes to your local codes and climate requirements, no matter what size building you’re in the market for. Our team’s expansive knowledge of our structures and experience in designing buildings for all regions and climates funnel into your building to make it exactly that: YOUR building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of a standard riding arena?

This depends on each project’s use case. Competition arena organizers may require a specific size. For example, FEI has specific dimensional minimum requirements for Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing arenas. Our team can help you determine exactly what size building you need if you intend to meet competitive standards. For general use cases, most riding arenas we’ve designed in the past have been between 70 to 100 feet in span and 100 to 200 feet in length. Of course, Great Western is capable of much smaller and much larger arenas to meet your specific needs.

We would like to incorporate stables with our arena, can Great Western help?

Absolutely! Whether you want everything under one roof or multiple buildings linked with lean-to structures, as mentioned above, Great Western can ensure you’ve got the space you need to thrive. Internal walls can be built within the steel structure as provided. Alternatively, our designers can space girts at two or four feet with hat channels on 16-inch centers, allowing for a more straightforward interior build-out solution. If that’s all a little confusing, there’s no need to worry; our design team can help break it down to ensure you’re getting what you need.

We are building an enclosed arena that will not have climate control, what are our options to vent the building during the summer?

Continuous ridge vents are the most effective ventilation option for a large structure like a riding arena. These vents can be closed during cold conditions to keep heat in. However, during hotter conditions, a continuous ridge vent system combined with open doors provides adequate ventilation. While Great Western does offer louvers and cupolas as ventilation options for our buildings, these systems typically do not provide sufficient ventilation for large-scale buildings like riding arenas. In the case of smaller personal and general-use structures, these options may work well for you. Ultimately, our designers can help ensure you’ve got a proper ventilation system for your needs.

How much florescent or LED lighting is needed for a riding area?

We recommend LED or T-5 lighting for steel buildings, including stables and riding arenas. A standard four-foot light fixture with six bulbs provides around 250 square feet of coverage.  So, a 10,000-square-foot area would require 40 light fixtures. Some insulation options like white vinyl also help to reflect and distribute light throughout the building. 


Great Western’s custom design tool allows you to design, customize, and price the best metal building for your needs. You can also share and print your designs or save them and modify them later.