Steel Riding Arenas

Covered Indoor Horse Riding Arenas


Horses are beautiful, graceful, and require large spaces – don't provide them with anything less than a Great Western Steel Building.

Great Western’s durable metal structures are safe and low-maintenance buildings that are perfect for covered show arenas, boarding stables, barns with stalls, and training facilities – and they can be erected and delivered nationwide. Like all Great Western buildings, equestrian arenas are designed to be erected quickly and affordably. The professionals at Great Western will help you create the right structure for the horse lover.

Trust Great Western to build the exceptional steel building you need for your equestrian operations.

70 x 140 Gable

70 x 140 Gable

70 x 140 Western

Why Choose Great Western?

Great Western’s arenas are the perfect place to showcase your riders; the most inviting place for your spectators. Like all of our buildings, we never reduce quality or compromise the ability of the building to resist structural loads and the elements, they’re designed to be fitted with indoor lighting, heating, and cooling – everything you’d expect. The equestrian arts are an investment, why trust the time and talent of horse ownership to anyone else? All standard Great Western warranties, including our lifetime workmanship guarantee, come with every building we deliver.

With Great Western’s easy-to-read erection manuals and 24/7 support line, you can feel comfortable that you’re not getting yourself into something you can’t handle. Our team not only sells and designs pre-fabricated steel buildings, but we also build them! Your sales team’s been in the field, they’ve been in the fabrication facilities, and they know, firsthand, what to expect during the erection process.

Not only can you expect a precision-crafted steel building kit to arrive on time, but you can expect support through the entire erection process. It’s not just the quality of what we deliver that makes us exceptional, it’s the quality of our design. Great Western’s engineers have an intimate understanding of all things equestrian.

Equestrian Building Value

  • Canopy Only Arenas
  • Enclosed Show Arenas
  • Attached Stables
  • Detached Stables
  • Tack and Feed Storage Buildings

GWB Engineering Advantage

  • The Most Current and Intimate Knowledge of the IBC Codes for Every Region
  • Experience Designing Buildings in All Regions, in All Climates
  • The Ability to Work Within Your Budget
  • Creativity!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of a standard riding arena?

For general use and multi-purpose indoor riding arenas there is not definitive dimension or square footage. The typical riding arena that we see is between 70’ and 100’ in span and 100’ – 200’ in length, we regular estimate larger and smaller arenas based on a particular customers application. Competition Arenas however, my require a specific dimension. The FEI, for example, requires dressage arenas to either be 66’ X 131’ or 66’ X 197’ of floor space.

We would like to incorporate stables with our arena, can Great Western help?

Yes, many arenas that we have experience with, whether for private or commercial use, have tack, stall, wash and feed storage areas. Usually this is done by adding a lean-to to one or both lengths of the building. The lean-to design provides a natural break between the riding and stable spaces. Lowering the lean-to also allows light panels to be installed at the transition, which is an easy and aesthetic way to let natural light into the steel riding arena building.

We are building an enclosed arena that will not have climate control, what are our options to vent the building during the summer?

We can provide many venting options. Continuous ridge vents are a preferred method and can be closed to keep heat in during colder weather. A lot of covered riding arenas are supplied with large slider or sectional/roll-up doors. These doors can be opened to let air pass through the building as needed. By adjusting the amount they are opened or the number of doors open at any one time you can regulate the air flow through the building. Louvres and Cupolas, usually are not large enough to provide adequate ventilation for large steel buildings like riding arenas.

How much florescent or LED lighting is needed for a riding area?

This is a question that we get a lot for all steel building uses. The requirements for arenas can be a little bit different than commercial or shop buildings because the roof heights are typically a bit higher. We recommend LED or T-5 lighting for arenas and most other steel buildings. A standard 4’ Fixture with 6 bulbs should be suitable for 250 square feet. This means a 10,000 square foot arena will need up to 40 fixtures. If your building will have a white vinyl insulation on the interior this will help reflect more light and less lighting may be required.


Great Western’s custom design tool allows you to design, customize, and price the best metal building for your needs. You can also share and print your designs or save them and modify them later.