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Gulf Coast Metal Buildings

The diverse landscape of the Gulf Coast brings everything from marsh and swamp land of the Louisiana and Mississippi Deltas to the sandy and picturesque coastlines of Southern Texas and western  Florida. Humidity and hectic summer temperatures are a way of life in this region. On a humid afternoon, a soft breeze is a welcome guest. However, when that breeze gets a name from the National Weather Service preceded by either “Tropical Storm” or “Hurricane,” it becomes a source of fear and anxiety. In addition, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Northwest Florida are no strangers to an occasional Tornado.

Undoubtedly, the climate and weather conditions associated with the Gulf Coast create daily life challenges. With some extreme weather, it’s not a matter of “if” with this region; it’s a matter of “when.” For that reason, having a robust and trustworthy building is imperative. In addition, with the dense and humid summer air, the less time you spend on a construction job site, the better. All these factors add up to a metal building kit being the perfect solution for the Gulf Coast.

Why Choose a Metal Building for Your Gulf Coast Project?

The extreme weather conditions of the Gulf Coast, as we’ve established, are no joke. While traditional timber or brick construction may withstand the intensity of a brutal storm, they can still potentially take detrimental damage that can make a building unsafe even if it’s still standing. As a building material, steel is inherently stronger than wood. As a result, the natural strength of a metal building is far greater. The robust qualities of a well-engineered metal building can withstand the most extreme weather scenarios. On the Gulf Coast, that’s worth its weight in gold.

The excessive humidity of summers on the Gulf Coast combined with the substantial rainfall associated with storms in the area may cause some hesitation in selecting a metal building for fear of rust and corrosion. However, modern coating technologies make metal buildings well capable of withstanding the elements. Galvanized steel uses a Zinc coating to fend off rust and corrosion. In addition, modern insulation solutions prevent moisture accumulation. In addition, the warm weather of the Gulf Coast attracts termites. Fortunately, they have no interest in steel.

A well-engineered metal building kit is both cost-effective and efficient when it comes to construction. In most cases, opting for a steel building does not come with a financial penalty compared to a traditional structure. In some cases, a metal building costs less. Furthermore, a well-designed metal building kit makes for a quick erection process without any wasted materials. This means you can spend less time on the job site and more time enjoying your new building.

Why Choose Great Western for Your Gulf Coast Metal Building Kit?

As one might expect, the International Building Code (IBC) requirements for wind load on the Gulf Coast are quite high. They are, however, not necessarily identical throughout the entirety of the region. It’s essential that you work with someone who is familiar with IBC regulations and can engineer a building ideally suited for your unique location and specifications. At Great Western, each building we design is custom-catered to our customers’ needs and location to ensure they get a metal building that lasts a lifetime. We don’t throw statements like that around without backing, either. Every building we sell comes with a lifetime structural warranty.

Those with the DIY spirit shouldn’t be penalized for wanting to roll their sleeves up and get to work. That’s why Great Western building kits are designed with DIY-ers and first-time builders in mind, and erecting the structure yourself leaves all warranties in effect so long as the building isn’t modified. To ensure a straightforward job site experience, we provide our customers with an industry-leading erection manual that is in-depth and comprehensive. To further simplify the process, we offer a 24/7 customer service hotline so you have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re ready to answer any questions that may arise throughout the entirety of the design, delivery, and erection process.

Our buildings use clear-span framing, which means there are no interior support columns to interfere with usable space. Whether you’re looking for commercial, warehouse, or retail space for your business or a personal recreational space for your current property, a Great Western building is the perfect, long-lasting, and durable solution for the Gulf Coast. They are extremely flexible, and we offer customers a host of customization options.

Customization to Make A Great Western Building Yours

Your building should genuinely reflect your personality and intended use case. So, beyond the scope of buildings as small as backyard man caves and she sheds to hangars and industrial buildings spanning hundreds of feet, we offer our customers more in-depth customization, too. From basics like window, door, and exterior color selections to complex roof shapes, custom mezzanines, crane supports, and ventilation systems, our expert team can ensure you get the perfectly suited building. In addition, we’ve designed buildings that support traditional tile roofs and exterior siding like Stucco, brick, and more to comply with HOA requirements or city ordinances.

If you’ve got a unique use case that isn’t on the list, contact us directly, and we’ll work with you to provide the building you need.

Common Metal Building Use Cases


  • Industrial and Manufacturing facilities
  • Home Garages and Workshops
  • Heavy machinery storage
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Agricultural barns and storage
  • Residential homes and barndominiums
  • Home sports and training facilities
  • Churches
  • Commercial facilities
  • Equestrian stables and riding arenas
  • Warehouses
  • Government buildings

Want to visualize your prospective building? Our 3D Building Designer allows you to customize a 3D model to your tastes. It’s a simple click-and-drag system with in-depth customization options, allowing you to assemble your ideal building. Once you’ve finished your preliminary design, submit it to our team, and we’ll contact you for a free quote. If you’re unsure where to start or what exactly you need, contact us directly with your location, desired uses, and available space, and we’ll work with you to design your building and provide an accurate estimate.

Why Choose Great Western Buildings?

At Great Western, each building project we complete is built on the back of our core values in designing high-quality American-made buildings that we can stand behind for life. Moreover, we strive to ensure that our customers get the exact building that they want. Our team works with you to create a building that meets the needs of your specific use case, location, and budget. Designed with the DIY-er and first-time builder in mind, Great Western Buildings are affordable and simple to erect. If you run into an issue or have a question, we have a 24/7 construction support hotline to take care of you.

Every Great Western Building comes with a lifetime structural warranty. You can take solace in knowing that our designers leave no stone unturned when it comes to your local codes and climate requirements no matter what size building you’re in the market for. Our team’s expansive knowledge of our structures and experience in designing buildings for all regions and climates funnel into your building to make it exactly that; YOUR building.

Design Your Custom Building

Great Western’s custom design tool allows you to design, customize, and price the best metal building for your needs. You can also share and print your designs or save them and modify them later.