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Clear-span advantages of 250′ x 400′ Steel Buildings

The biggest advantage of 250’ x 400’ Steel Buildings is that they are entirely clear-span. If your building project needs a large open space without any support columns, a pre-engineered metal building is the perfect product. Depending on your local building code and loads, our clear-span buildings can offer widths from 250’ up to 325’. In addition, our buildings can be designed for any length you need. Because our metal buildings are completely customizable, we can work with your architect and design needs to provide exactly the right building but with the ease of construction pre-engineered buildings are known for. There are many common uses for buildings in this size range, because the clear-span allows the space to be subdivided without the restriction of column placement.

These buildings are commonly used as:

  • Warehouses
  • Retail/Commercial Spaces
  • Industrial Buildings