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50 x 80 steel building ideas

Steel buildings that are 50’ x 80’ are a top seller, because they offer 4,000 square feet of usable clear-span space. This means there aren’t any columns, so you can use it to create a large open room for church meetings or restaurant dining rooms. 50’ x 80’ buildings are sometimes used for breweries and distilleries, because we can offer the roof height needed for processing equipment. Equine enthusiasts often choose buildings in this size range to create a riding arena, and sometimes add to the buildings to provide stables for their horses. These buildings can be used to create barns, workshops, garages, or store agricultural equipment. Because these buildings can be fully customized, and they don’t require any interior columns, the space can be divided into and used for multiple purposes like in a barndominium. There are many other common uses for these buildings because they are so versatile.

Customers also use 50′ x 80′ buildings for:

  • Barns, agricultural storage, farm equipment storage
  • Religious , multipurpose, offices
  • Warehouses, autobody shops, pet boarding
  • Homes, barndominiums