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Wall Panels


The Right Wall Panels Can Be the Difference between ‘Common’ and ‘Cool’.

Some people are convinced that metal buildings need to look like boring, boxy, warehouses of old. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The right decision about something as seemingly unimportant as a wall panel can make all the difference. The experienced sales team at Great Western and our engineers can offer suggestions on an assortment of options, including look, color and type. But more than aesthetics, you want durability, ease of installation and weather-resistance.

When used with double sided mastic tape, the girt bearing leg in each panel at the standard 36” means that the wall panels that Great Western offers provide you with the most weather resistant and leak-proof wall panels on the market.

The PBR panel is Great Western’s standard wall panel for all buildings. This panel is 26-Gauge and comes with a standard 40-year limited paint warranty. The PBR panel accommodates nearly any insulation package and has an extra bearing leg to support the lap. 1” mastic tap ensures complete weather tightness. Dress it up with a wainscot or trim panel color scheme.

Wall Options & Benefits

Energy Efficiency

Every Great Western Metal building can be engineered to accommodate a variety of types of insulation. From a simple vapor barrier to a heavy duty LEED certified R-50 high efficiency insulation don’t skimp on the protection, efficiency, and comfort of a climate controlled interior.

Insulated Wall Panels

Great Western can provide insulated wall panels 2” to 8” thick with R-Values up to R-49 and Fire Ratings up to 3 hours. There are a variety of profiles and textures available.

    • R-Value rating of roughly R-8 per inch
    • Fire Ratings up to 3 hours
    • Easily complies with the latest IECC energy codes and regulations

Galvanized Base Angle

Keep rodents, insect, and moisture from penetrating the base with an optional 1.5” concrete notch. Opt for a rubberized foam closure sealing strip for added protection. The base trim which the wall panel sits gives you an aesthetically appealing colorful edge to enhance the look of your steel building.

Vap-Stop System

The Vap-Stop System can be pre-applied at the factory to the inside surface of all Great Western panel profiles. This system creates a thermal block between the panel and the secondary framing. This virtually eliminates the possibility of condensation building up on the inside panel surface and framing members. We recommend this product for all non-insulated buildings.

  • Simple insulation
  • Quick installation compared to other vapor barrier systems
  • Available on standard roofing products as well


Stud Wall Systems

Great Western’s engineering and detailing team can provide the structural support system which allows for the tie in of light gauge steel, or wooden stud-walls. These systems are typically used for glass store fronts or when specified by an architect for a special wall sheeting like stucco or split log finishes. That’s right – stucco or split log finishes. Who says your steel building needs to look like a metal box?

Design Your Custom Building

Great Western’s custom design tool allows you to design, customize, and price the best metal building for your needs. You can also share and print your designs or save them and modify them later.