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Midwest Steel Buildings


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The Midwest is a region that is at once warm and dry or wet and snowy. How do you accomodate for the range of climate conditions and topography? The engineers at Great Western Steel Building Systems have the solution..

Since the days the pioneers first crossed the Great Plains, the Midwest has proved to be a challenge to builders, farmers, and even city dwellers.

The engineers at Great Western understand the unique climate and landscape of the region. Whether you need a barn for livestock, a hangar for your crop duster, or just a workshop to maintain your equipment, Great Western has the solution.

midwest steel buildings

The durability and aesthetics of a quality steel building are far superior to your typical Pole Barn. You can’t trust your assets or your equipment to just any type of structure; You require durability, strength, and most of all, ease of erection – you want longevity. Why waste time with wood when the convenience of a Kansas Steel Building Kit shortens erection time and helps you avoid issues on site? Saving you time, saving you money.

The engineers at Great Western have an intimate understanding of wind loads, foundation requirements, moisture issues and even the delivery and storage challenges South Eastern residents might face during the erection process.

  • Any size, any shape, any span, any height; we design your steel building to handle whatever the temperamental Midwest weather patterns can throw at it.
  • Assortment of color combinations to match your current property structures or surrounding Association codes
  • Several finishes to add the aesthetic elements you want – it’s gotta look sharp!
  • Agriculture, industrial, utilitarian, or recreation, there’s no project we can’t handle

"I find my position at Great Western incredibly gratifying. Every day I know I get to come work at an organization who's primary concern is providing American consumers and business owners with the highest quality metal building."
-Gabriel Bicking, Sr. Sales Representative - Great Western Steel Building Systems


100% USA Made! Our steel buildings are manufactured using the latest technologies available. Built to exacting standards to ensure a seamless build.

Product Delivery

We offer multiple shipping options to get your steel building and components delivered affordably and to your jobsite. We also offer container service for overseas shipments.

100% Satisfaction

Great Western is committed to providing our customers with 100% Satisfaction. We want to hear from you! Customer Satisfaction Hotline

the midwest region and steel buildings

All standard warranties, including our lifetime workmanship guarantee come with each Great Western building we sell. At Great Western, we understand that a steel building is a big investment, and we require that your building looks good and stays standing for decades – it’s guaranteed!

  • We adhere to the most current IBC standards for the entire Midwest
  • We work with you to find the right roof pitch, wind load, and even color
  • Easy to read and detailed erection guides
  • Large scale commercial buildings, farming and ranching, and even a backyard workshop – We’ve got you covered.


At Great Western, we don't settle. We don't expect our customers to either. That's why our buildings are precision engineered for a lifetime of value.


Mistakes cost money. This is why every connection, every hole, is inspected three times over. By the detailer, the supervisor and finally the engineer.

The GWB Difference

At Great Western, we expect our engineers to take on an active role in every project. Your Great Western is engineered by professional, not a program.