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Commercial Steel Building Kits

Commercial Steel Buildings

Great Western Steel Building Systems has what it takes to see your commercial project through.

Business owners and companies thrive in a Great Western commercial steel building.

Our commercial buildings are fully customizable and the open floor design of our steel building kits allow for any use of the space. Our engineers have decades of experience in designing usable, functional, and affordable commercial metal buildings – no matter what kind of business you have.

When you and your business choose Great Western, you can expect the full benefit of decades of combined steel building experience, project management and construction. The engineers and project managers at Great Western consistently work with architects, business owners, General Contractors and erectors.

People choose Great Western to supply the buildings that house businesses, welcome customers and provide employees a place to serve your clients because of our commitment to providing affordable, durable, easy to build quality buildings.


Not only can you expect a precision crafted steel building kit to arrive on time, but you can expect support through the entire erection process. It’s not just the quality of what we deliver that makes us exceptional, it’s the quality of design. Great Western’s engineers have an intimate understanding of the unique requirements of all types of commercial buildings.

Several things make Great Western’s engineers the pre-engineered steel building industry’s best:

  • Experience Designing Buildings in All Regions, in All Climates
  • The Most Current and Intimate Knowledge of the IBC Codes for Every Region
  • Creativity!
  • The Ability to Work Within Your Budget


Choose Great Western Metal Commercial Buildings for:

  • Office Buildings
  • Auto Garages
  • Retail
  • Dealerships
  • Shop and Storage Buildings
  • Or Anywhere You Need to Meet Customers or Produce your Product

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Commercial Steel Building FAQ's

We want to have drywall or another type of finish on the interior of our steel building, how can we do that?

Finishing the interior side of your metal buildings wall system is actually quite simple. Same goes for the roof. A stud wall of light gauge steel or timber studs can be placed within the wall or roof system between the girts and purlins. Another option is to have your building outfitted with girts on either 2 or 4 foot centers and then have a hat channel placed on 16” centers. A simple design change is needed for both the roof and the wall to support the additional material but it’s incredibly simple for us to do.

Are glass store front systems available?

Yes, A glass door system and store front creates a welcoming and open environment for your staff and customers. We can supply store front doors and window systems as part of your building or if you have your own contractor we can provide the required rough opening for a custom storefront. All we need to know is the details of what you are looking to achieve.

We’re building an auto shop with lifts for the vehicles, how tall does the building need to be?

The height of your building should be 12-14’ at the eaves. This will give enough room for your lift and a full size SUV.

Why doesn’t a screw down roof come with a weather tightness warranty? 

Can we add one?

Screw down or through fastener roof systems for steel buildings do not come with nor can a weather tightness warranty be purchased. Warranties like this are not available on the screw down system because of the nature of the product. Rust through perforation and 40 year paint warranties are available for the panel itself though. Our Standing Seam Roof systems do come standard with a 5 year weather tightness warranty and can be upgraded to 20 years.

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